Head coaching salaries at USD and SDSU


The beginning of July marked the new fiscal year for the South Dakota state budget, and thanks to the state’s open government website, you can look at salaries for each state employee.

For our purposes, it’s interesting to examine the salaries of the Division I head coaches at the University of South Dakota. As part of the school’s transition through the D-I waters, coaches salaries were due for an increase.

Let’s get to the list. Below are the coaches (including athletic director) in order by name, alphabetically. It’s important to note that a salary was not yet posted for new head women’s basketball coach Amy Williams or head tennis coach Malcolm Gilreath.

Dave Boots, men’s basketball, $122,780
Dan Fitzsimmons, cross country, $41,250
Joe Glenn, football, $127,260
Dave Gottsleben, men’s track, $56,038
Mandy Green, soccer, $50,000
Matt Houk, volleyball, $62,000
Nick Hovden, golf, $32,800
Lucky Huber, women’s track, $69,607
Amy Klyse, softball, $43,333.59
Jason Mahowald, swimming, $51,893
David Sayler, athletic director, $165,600

Now, by comparison, let’s look at the head coaching and athletic director salaries at South Dakota State. Keep in mind, SDSU sponsors baseball, equestrian and wrestling, and has the same coach for cross country and track.

Kim Aggabao, softball, $51,499
Jared Baszler, golf, $50,499
Chris Bono, wrestling, $75,000
Rod DeHaven, track & cross country, $59,999
Michael Engdahl, tennis (both), $38,372
Brad Erickson, swimming, $57,936
Aaron Johnston, women’s basketball, $161,358
Phil McDaniel, volleyball, $66,498
Scott Nagy, men’s basketball, $152,000
Megan Rossiter, equestrian, $51,499
Dave Schrage, baseball, $61,499
Justin Sell, athletic director, $166,400
John Stiegelmeier, football, $150,010
Lang Wedemeyer, soccer, $64,264


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