Cimburek: My Top Photos Of 2016

I know it’s a couple weeks early to post a year-end thing, but I wanted to post this while I had time.

As you probably know, I take a lot of photos, both personally and in my position with the Press & Dakotan. I post many of them on my Instagram account, probably more than I should.

Running Out Of Her Shoes
Maddie Lavin losing her shoe in the 2016 state track meet was third on my list of most-liked photos.

Here are the top 10 (11, with ties) photos from 2016, in terms of likes: 1. Homecoming Royalty. 2. Balloons Release Pregame. 3. Maddie Lavin Loses Her Shoe. 4. Chloe Cornemann Holds Summit League Trophy. 5. MMC Softball Raises Money For Fernandez. 6. Yankton Girls Finish 3rd At State XC. 7. Mors Congratulated. Tie 8. Bucks Starting Lineups – Soccer Semifinals. Tie 8. Logan Wagner Celebrates 1,000th Point. Tie 10. Savannah Woods Gets Hug After Winning 3200. Tie 10. Chloe Cornemann & Gabby Boever After Summit League Title.

My most popular photos of the year were not technically sports photos. SDSU’s Chloe Cornemann made the list twice, in 4th and 10th. Also, the first photo of Chloe on the list made my list of personal favorites, as did the shot of Maddie Lavin losing her shoe.

Here are my other personal favorites:

Holding my niece Emma for the first time. (She just turned 1, and she’s not too keen on being held by someone other than mommy and daddy, so there won’t be too many of these any time soon.) Speaking of photos I don’t get too many of, here is one of my wife and I at a Twins game. (She doesn’t like her picture taken.)

Sports will always be the source of celebrations. Here are a few: Mike King, Cedar girls, MMC Bench, Irene-Wakonda, WNIT – USD & Amy Williams, Menno Mad FrogsMatt Dewald and dugout dance party.

Of course, the emotions sports generate are not always joyous: Trey Krier, Irene-Wakonda and Raquel Sutera. This one has both joy and sadness.


These photos have plenty of emotion as well: Google Search, Albert Fernandez, Survivors Lap and Eye Black.

Some are on the list just because: Birds, Meridian Bridge and Sunset.

I even had a couple action shots in there: Slide At Home, Devin Millen, Lost Helmet and Splashdown.


I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I enjoyed shooting them.


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