Points and a calculator


Mount Marty College senior Raquel Sutera stands at 997 career points after Wednesday’s game in Kansas. (P&D File Photo)

Partly because my afternoon was quiet (but mostly because I’m a stat nerd), I went on a little research adventure on Wednesday.

Sports editor James Cimburek and I were talking about the Mount Marty College women’s basketball team’s 79-66 victory over McPherson, and while on the subject of who scored how many points, it got me thinking.

Raquel Sutera has to be close to 1,000 career points, doesn’t she?

She played right away as a freshman, and now as a senior she’s got to be close, right?

Well, it turns out, after her 19-point output Wednesday, Sutera – the post player from Tabor – stands at 997 career points. She’ll reach the 1,000-point mark in Saturday’s game at Nebraska Wesleyan.

Impressive, right?

As soon as I figured that out – and shared that little tidbit on social media – it got me wondering about another Mount Marty senior, Alex Kneeland. She was a 2,000-plus point scorer in high school at Summit, and after a 3-year stint at Augustana (where she was injured two of those seasons), Kneeland has resumed her offensive exploits in Yankton.

With that in mind, I also went did the math on where she currently stands for her basketball career (high school and college): 3,206 points.

Three-thousand points. Think about that for a second. That is a LOT of shots and a TON of points.

It was at this point where I really went deep into the research.

When I told James about Kneeland’s 3,206 points, he asked me, “I wonder what Louie Krogman finished with?”

Good question.

Krogman scored 3,521 points in his high school career for White River – becoming the state’s all-time leader – and then went on to score 1,644 points at the University of South Dakota. That’s a grand total of 5,165 points.

And while on the topic of South Dakota high school leaders, let’s examine what former Mitchell Christian standout Jill Young amassed in her hoops career: 3,317 points in high school and 1,356 points in college at South Dakota State. That’s a grand total of 4,673.

All of these numbers aren’t to say that reaching 1,000 points in a career is somehow less impressive, but it goes to show you that our state has seen some pretty prolific scorers.

Will we ever see another 2,000 point scorer in high school?

Yes, no question. Perhaps the closest to that mark would be Viborg-Hurley senior Abby Hora, who stands at 1,752 points after Tuesday night’s game.

Seventeen-hundred is even a lot.

But three-thousand? Four-thousand? Five-thousand?

We’re talking about some serious scoring.


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