If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you have already figured out that I take (and post) a lot of photos, probably more than I should. I thank all of you who are patient enough to still follow me despite that shortcoming.

Since it is nearing the end of 2015 (3 days, 7 hours, 48 minutes as I type this), I wanted to share my most-liked photos, as well as those that were among my favorites of the past year. I didn’t include many family shots in my “favorites” out of fairness.

Here are my most-liked photos and videos of the past year: 10 (86 likes), 9 (87), 8 (88), 7 (90), 6 (91), 5 (94), 4 (98), 3 (99), 2 (118) and 1 (122).

Soph6828No. 2 on my most-like list is also on my “favorites” list. When your niece is named homecoming princess, it tends to rank pretty high on your personal list.

Here are some of my other favorites (in chronological order):

Young wrestler chasing his opponent. Little kids sports tend to up the “cuteness factor.”

Frustration. When you work your butt off and the ref won’t give your opponent an obvious stalling call, it’s a little annoying.

Happy drummer. Because, drummers.

I can’t look. More basketball fans in goofy outfits, but this one can’t bear to see the game.

Softball in the snow. Because, South Dakota.

Rally cap on steroids. Don’t knock it, it worked.

Abbey VanDenBerg Hits The Pit. Nothing beats shooting long jump in a good pit.

Dive Into A Base. Might want to put a little water on the field in between games if a dive kicks up this much dust.

Morgan Hancock Home Run. USD had plenty to celebrate on that day, including clinching second in the league’s regular season standings.

High Jump. My good friend and colleague Jeremy likes to tease me about all the reflection shots I post. This would have to rank as the best of them.

Little Goalkeeper. Great diving stop by a little girl on her toes.

Marriage Proposal. I haven’t been present for too many marriage proposals – besides my own. For this one, I was given a heads-up to make sure I could get a shot.

Flipping For Competitive Cheer. First Yankton Invitational with our new camera equipment (acquired earlier in 2015). Amazing the difference it makes.

Courtney True. Hard to put together a list of my favorites without including the best keeper I’ve ever covered.

Oh, My. This cheerleader’s reaction says it all.

Poster. Gayville-Volin School should have bought the rights to this one for a recruitment poster: one of its best athletes of all time lined up perfectly with the school logo mural on the wall.

Touchdown, Bucks. I only have one football shot on the list, so I’d better make it count. A lot of things played into this one, mainly: 1) the Yankton student section moving from the sideline to the east stands at halftime. 2) Rayden Terca (24) getting a pick-6. (This one is also on the top-10 list.)

And finally, “Come On, Man.” A Cal State Bakersfield player looks up in disgust as USD’s D.J. Davis erases his layup. (Unfortunately for the ‘Yotes, the block was called goaltending.)

Hope you’ve enjoyed my photos (and the events they came from) as much as I have the past year. I look forward to shooting more photos and seeing more great events in 2016.


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