UPDATE: SDABA response letter to SCL

UPDATE: I received an email Tuesday from the South Dakota Amateur Baseball Association, which states this letter was not in fact written by president Dale Weber (could be that it was copied from an email to commissioners) and does not constitute the “official” response from the SDABA. The official response to the South Central League was in a letter dated July 10. 


The official response is in.

Dale Weber, the president of the South Dakota Amateur Baseball Association (SDABA), penned a 2-page hand-written letter to the South Central League (SCL), in response to the league’s frustrations over the disbursement of bids for the 2015 State Class B Amateur Baseball Tournament.

The crux of the SCL’s irritation? That one final spot out of the 32-team state tournament field was drawn out of a hat, and eventually awarded to District 4 (Cornbelt League) – that league will now send six of its nine teams to state, the highest percentage among the state’s seven Class B districts. The South Central League, meanwhile, will send four of its eight – 50 percent, which is the lowest in the state.

The Press & Dakotan detailed the issue in a June 25 commentary, and nearly a full month later, the SCL managers were provided an official response.

You can read the letter for yourself, but the bottom line is this: Nothing will change for the 2015 state tournament, Aug. 5-16 in Mitchell. It wasn’t likely to change. The real focus for the SCL is now on the 2016 state tournament, and the hope that a sense of equality and logic enters into the discussion.


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