Speed Bio: Lauriane Lalonde – Team Canada

Lauriane Lalonde just after her flight arrived at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport on Saturday afternoon.

Name: Lauriane Lalonde, age 16

Country: Canada

City: Quebec: Pop – 8.2 mil

# from country: 14

Division: Recurve Cadet

# of WAYC: First

P&D: Have you been to the United States before? 

Lalonde: Yes – three times, but this is my first time in South Dakota.

P&D: What did you think when you heard the WAYC was going to be held in the United States?

Lalonde: The last year the WAYC was held was in China, so I’m really glad my first time isn’t that far from where I live.

P&D: What was the qualification to get here?

Lalonde: Honestly I didn’t know I had qualified. I shot the score that was required and 3 months or so ago my coach said, ‘you know, you’ve qualified for the World Championships?’ I wasn’t planning on going and it just happened.

P&D: How did your training change when you realized you had qualified for the WAYC?

Lalonde: I started going to the gym to get more back muscles, but it didn’t change much. I’m always shooting like I’m going for competition. I’m always ready for an event.

P&D: How long have you been shooting and how did you get into the sport? 

Lalonde: Almost 5 years. My brother was shooting before and when I saw him doing competitions I fell in love with the sport and I wanted to compete just like him.

P&D: Do you plan to partake in some of the evening cultural activities?

Lalonde: Of course I will. I think it’s great that they organized this so we can get in touch easily.

P&D: Are you looking forward to meeting international archers? 

Lalonde: I’m excited to have friends from all around the world who do the same thing as me. It’s pretty cool.

P&D: What do you hope to get out of this tournament?

Lalonde: I just want to do my best. I want to have the form and technique I know I can achieve and make some new friends along the way.


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