Speed Bio: Fiona Maude – Team Canada

Fiona Maude waits for her remainder of her Canadian team at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport on Saturday.
Fiona Maude waits for the remainder of her Canadian team at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport on Saturday.

Name: Fiona Maude, age 17

Country: Canada

City: Ontario: Pop – 13.6 mil

# from country: 14

Division: Compound Cadet

# of WAYC: First

P&D: Have you been to the United States before? 

Maude: Yes – I was here last summer and shot in Yankton at competiitons before.

P&D: What other tournaments have you competed in at the Yankton complex? 

Maude: I went to the IFAA World Field in August 2014 and received a bronsz medal.

P&D: What did you think when you heard the WAYC was going to be held at the Yankton complex, where you’ve already competed?

Maude: I thought it was great because I’ve been there and it has given me a sense of comfort.

P&D: What do you think of the complex? 

Maude: It’s amazing. There’s everything there-the indoor range, the practice ranges, field course and hotels nearby. It’s perfect.

P&D: What was the qualification to get here?

Maude: I had to shoot two 6 60’s or higher out of 720. I submitted my score that was higher than that at trials in Windsor, Canada.

P&D: How long have you been shooting and how did you get into the sport? 

Maude: 3 and 1/2 years. I tried archery in vacation once at a resort in the Dominican Republic and I fell in love with it and continued when I got home.

P&D: What does your family think of your interest in and love of the sport? 

Maude: They think it’s great because it’s different. I’m the first and only in the family who shoots.

P&D: Are you looking forward to meeting the international archers? 

Maude: I actually know a lot of the U.S. girls, so we’ve become pretty close friends because of competitions we’ve competed together in Yankton, Vegas, and Kentucky.

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