Speed Bio: Merveille Zinsou

Merveille Zinsou, the only archer from Benin, focuses on the target in front of her, listening to her coach and father, Paul.

Name: Merveille Zinsou, age 18

Country: Benin

# from country: 1

Division: Recurve Cadet

# of WAYC: First

The interview was with Merveille’s coach and father, Paul, who is also the president of archery in Benin.

Merveille and her father’s native language is French.

P&D: What was the qualification to get here?

Paul: She is the first one in Benin. She has been the leader in African countries since 2012. She qualified Benin for youth Olympic games. If you have been chosen by your federation you come.

P&D: What is your first impressions of the United States?

Merveille, translated by Paul: We have felt so welcomed. At the airport and by organizers and volunteers.


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