Since I just got an earful about not having the state boys’ basketball schedules in today’s paper, I figured I’d make up for it by making my picks for said tournaments. Here goes…

Zach O'KeefeAA

FIRST ROUND: Washington over Huron, Aberdeen over Stevens, Lincoln over Watertown, O’Gorman over Pierre

SEMIS: Washington over Aberdeen, Lincoln over O’Gorman

FINAL: Washington over Lincoln


FIRST ROUND: Roncalli over Lennox, Little Wound over Clark-Willow Lake, Winner over St. Thomas More, Dell Rapids over Mount Vernon-Plankinton

SEMIS: Roncalli over Little Wound, Dell Rapids over Winner

FINAL: Dell Rapids over Roncalli


FIRST ROUND: Faith over Hitchcock-Tulare, Wolsey-Wessington over Hanson, White River over Parker, Langford over Gregory

SEMIS: Wolsey-Wessington over Faith, Langford over White River

FINAL: Langford over Wolsey-Wessington

My “Bracket of Integrity” for the NCAA Tournament is pretty bland, with almost no first-round upsets. My Final Four is Kentucky, Wisconsin, Virginia and Iowa State, with Kentucky beating Virginia in the final


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