My Top Photos Of 2014

Since we are doing all these top 10 lists, here are a couple to wrap up the year.

First, here are my top 10 photos posted to Instagram, in terms of most likes. Not surprisingly, all of them had to do with this year’s 11AA championship Yankton Bucks football team. 3 of them were reproductions of pages we produced to cover them.

10. Bucks Football Welcome Home (55)

9. Domeward Bound page from 11AA semis (56)

t7. Evan Greeneway Up For The Kickoff (57)

t7. 11AA Championship Pregame (57)

6. Post-Game From Football Opener (58)

5. Bucks Fans from 11AA final (61)

t3. National Anthem (62)

t3. Brady Hale TD Catch (62)

2. Champions! sports front from 11AA champions (68)

1. Parting Shots page from 11AA championship (82)

Now, here are the photos I liked most from 2014 (in no particular order):

Amy Williams Celebrates USD’s Summit League Title

Bucks Celebrate State Basketball Berth

Matthew West Concert

Brady Hale Dunk

My Wife Kari On Her Birthday

Youth Softball Huddle

Yankton Marching Band Flag Corps

Color Guard Stands At Attention In The Fog

Levi Kabella Holds Championship Trophy (this is the only one to make both lists – the page using this photo was number one)

Fall Football In Parkston

Hope you have all enjoyed my photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them. Here’s looking forward to a great 2015.


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