Q&A with Chloe Cornemann


It was only six minutes, but Chloe Cornemann was out there for a physical, intense and highly-entertaining Summit League women’s basketball championship game Tuesday afternoon in Sioux Falls.

I caught up with the Yankton native and South Dakota State freshman guard after the game for a short Q&A. Here is part of that chat.

Jeremy: What it was like to be out there?
Chloe: It was an unbelievable experience. I’m not going to lie, I was very nervous. This place was packed. It was so fun to watch my team have success like that and get the ‘W.’

Jeremy: I suppose when you were recruited, this was brought up, right?
Chloe: Yeah, I was told that I could get some serious playing time. And with the history of SDSU, I knew this was as very likely chance that we’d be here. It’s exciting, knowing that and what the future holds; that we could be here again next year.

Jeremy: Coach (Aaron Johnston) said it wasn’t necessarily sweeter that you did it again by beating USD, but it had to be pretty sweet, right?
Chloe: Like coach said, anyone we would’ve played, it would have been just as sweet. It’s fun for the crowd and the state of South Dakota, packing this place. It’s the rivalry with all the blue and the red; it’s good that it’s back.

Jeremy: Was it different from watching it in the stands?
Chloe: Oh yeah, a hundred times different. The nerves, the feelings, the intensity, it was definitely different.

Jeremy: How about the idea of the rivalry reaching a national stage?
Chloe: You’re going to get a better game if you do have a rivalry. It’s more emotional, so for that to be on national television is pretty cool.


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