Signing Day Interviews


As part of covering National Signing Day from the University of South Dakota angle, I had the chance to talk with four recruits.

Below are snippets from our interviews.

Marquice Fletcher (CB, Tulsa, Okla.)
What was your recruiting process like?
It was pretty hectic. I had coaches calling me all at the time. (USD def. coord. Jason) Petrino was the first one to call me, so we had a connection. I had one more offer, and talked to others.
What did you like about USD?
Actually, once I got on campus, I fell in love. I made my decision the next day.
What else should fans know about you?
I want to win, that’s the biggest thing. After struggling like they did, I want to come in to win.

Khalid Kornegay (WR, Tulsa, Okla., originally committed to FBS Tulsa)
Anxious to come to South Dakota?
Oh yeah, I think it’s one of the best decisions of my life. I know it’s a blessing, considering everything that’s happened. It’s more than just football.
How did USD come into the picture after you committed to Tulsa?
I didn’t get into Tulsa based on my test scores; it just didn’t work out for me. I got in touch with them (USD), they gave me an invite, and followed through with it. I had a good relationship with the coaches, they brought me up there, and everything there just fit me as a person.
Do you think you can help in other areas?
Kickoffs, hopefully. Last year was my first year doing that, but I love anything about special teams. I’m just glad it took me as far as it did.
What do you like about USD?
The camaraderie of the team, the leadership, and the support from not only the coaches, but from the players and the students. That’s what really attracted me about it.

Sean Finley (LB, Fountain Valley, Calif., 3-star)
What about USD pushed you over the top?
The business school. And coach Marquice (Williams) and coach (Joe) Glenn really showed me a loving family atmosphere. It’s very unique. I can relate to coach Williams because he’s from California.
What was your recruiting process like?
They (USD) were the first to offer me, but then I started getting a lot of attention. I got offers from Arizona and Nevada because I was a 3-star recruit, so it got pretty crazy. I just knew South Dakota was the right place to go. It doesn’t matter how big the school is, just who loves you more.
Are you confident you can help USD turn a corner?
I know things will turn around. Coach Glenn will bring in some big-time players. It’s cool to be part of a rebuilding process. Hopefully by the time I’m a junior or a senior, we’ll be a playoff team.

Miles Bergner (K/P, Longmont, Colo.)
You committed pretty early in the process. Did that lead to some last-minute offers from other schools?
There were a few instances where it was rough. I had a tough decision in the middle of it with the Air Force Academy; I thought long and hard about that. At the end, I realized that Joe Glenn had done a much better job recruiting me, plus the military lifestyle was not my thing.
What about USD did you like?
That I have absolute the top potential to play right away in an amazing community, that’s very supportive. It’s just a huge deal to be able to play all four years.
Did the chance to help rebuild a program entice you?
I think what coach Glenn is doing is absolutely wonderful. He’s building the program for the future. I have full faith in what he does and what he wants to do.

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