More on USD trip to Canada

The University of South Dakota men’s basketball team is in Canada for a series of 3 exhibition games this weekend — 2 against the University of Winnipeg and one against the U of Manitoba.

I got an email today from Mike Raimbault, the head coach at Winnipeg. Here is what he sent.

As far as how the game was scheduled, we were just contacted by the South Dakota staff about possibly setting up a trip up here.  They noticed that we had hosted teams the past two years and asked about setting up the same sort of trip.  Realistically, they did most of the work to arrange dates and times etc, and we did our best to accommodate and be a good host.

For us, this opportunity is a chance to begin our evaluation process for the upcoming season.  We have a lot of new players and having them on campus early allows us get a jump start on our upcoming season.  It is a chance to put some things in this week and then work on them Friday in the scrimmage scenario.  From there, we can hopefully make some adjustments and fine tune a few things prior to our game on Saturday.  Playing top quality competition early allows us to set the bar high and to gain an understanding of what it takes to compete at the highest level.


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