Amber Hegge to Germany


As Amber Hegge walked off the court after her final college basketball game at the University of South Dakota five months ago, she already knew she was not ready to be completely done.

Now, the Crofton, Neb., native will have that chance to keep playing, though halfway across the globe.

Hegge, the former USD women’s standout, leaves next Thursday for Herne, Germany, where she will play for a professional team in that country’s highest league.

“I never really thought much about it, but when the season was over, I didn’t feel like I wanted to be done playing. I’m just excited to start playing again.”

When she finally arrives in Germany, after three stops and half a day in the air, Hegge will suit up for Herner Turn Club, a team located in Herne, Germany — in the northwest corner of the country.

Herner plays in the first division of the Damon Basketball Bundesligen League (DBBL), the predominant conference in the country.

Aside from the location and the culture, one of the biggest adjustments Hegge admits to trying to prepare for is having one game a week. Herner’s 2012-13 opener is Sept. 29 and plays once a week until it concludes regular season action March 23, 2013.

“It’ll be a lot different than college in Vermillion. You get a lot more practice and preparation time; it’s almost like football, with one game a week. That’ll be different, but I’m excited. That way, I can just focus on basketball.”


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