Olympic connections

Archery may not be the most well-followed Olympic sport, but for one day, the sport could claim a share of the national spotlight. The United State men’s archery team earned our country’s first medal of the London Olympics with a silver medal — losing to Italy in the gold medal match.

The U.S. trio of Brady Ellison, Jake Kaminski and Jacob Wukie have all competed in Yankton — last summer at the Target National Championships. Local archers, young and old, were able to spend some time with the best in the nation, an experience which no doubt helps fuel the sport’s growth in Yankton.

Among the other area connections:

•• In Saturday’s P&D, we had a story on Derek Miles, who is heading to his third Olympic games in the men’s pole vault. The 39-year-old USD graduate has battling an Achilles injury the past few months but says his rehab has progressed to the point where he still feels confident.

•• Starting in late August, the Paralympic Games will be held in London, and yes, we’ve got area connections there as well. One of the United States female qualifiers in a sport called goalball is Jordan Walters, the granddaughter of a Yankton couple. The sport is played much like soccer, but because the players are blind — some 100 percent, some slightly — the ball is rigged with bells so they can hear it. The crowd is asked to remain silent throughout the game, which no doubt adds a layer of drama.

•• Also with the Paralympic games, the United States archery teams were in Yankton last week to train at the new indoor facility at the National Field Archery Association (NFAA).


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