More on the USD assistants


During my phone conversations Monday with the two new University of South Dakota assistant football coaches, there were too many good tidbits to include in my story.

Jason Petrino was hired as defensive coordinator and secondary coach, while Brett Harvey was hired as offensive line coach.

Here are some extra jottings that you might find interesting.

Jason Petrino
** Petrino spent the 2011 season as the defensive coordinator at Division II Central Oklahoma. Head coach Tracy Holland was fired on Dec. 1, and Petrino said he became interested in the job. That’s when Joe Glenn called.

** What’s his defensive style? “I believe you have to be aggressive, you can’t just sit back. You have to take some chances, you can’t sit back and hopes the offense makes a mistake.” Petrino talked about bringing pressure, from different angles and levels.

** On the issue of recruiting, Petrino said his coming from Oklahoma could open some doors there. Here’s an example: Tim Flanders, the standout running back from Sam Houston State (in the FCS title game), is from an area close to Petrino’s home.

Brett Harvey
** Harvey has spent nine seasons total with Joe Glenn, all at Northern Colorado.

** Harvey was Glenn’s first recruit at Northern Colorado.

** According to Harvey, Glenn offered him a job at Montana, but he instead chose to stay at UNC. “It wasn’t the right time for me,” he said.

** When Harvey spent 2-3 days in Vermillion two weeks ago, he was introduced to a lot of people around town by Glenn. “There’s what, 10,000 people in Vermillion? I bet Joe knows at least 9,500 of them personally.”

** Harvey said when he and Glenn were at UNC, it was a “suitcase college” and that student support suffered at home games. Sound familiar?  He said Glenn said would get on the cafeteria tables and try to rile up the students, to create excitement. “It’ll change in Vermillion, I can promise you that,” he said of the crowds.


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