Nebraska-Omaha To The Summit League

Well that was fast.

Not even a week after wrapping up its basketball tournament in Sioux Falls, the Summit League paid a visit to Nebraska-Omaha on Wednesday and Thursday, and by Friday had an official invitation in place.

And Sunday, UNO announced it would pursue a move to Division I athletics and join the Summit League starting in 2012.

As part of the decision, Nebraska-Omaha is dropping football and wrestling.

The addition of UNO will give the Summit League 10 schools for 2012 — North Dakota State, South Dakota State, South Dakota, UNO, Western Illinois, IUPUI, Oakland, IPFW, Oral Roberts and UMKC.

There’s definitely a “geographic footprint” in place, which is what the conference has always wanted. It also renews another round of former North Central Conference (NCC) rivalries, with now four former teams in the same league. The addition of UNO also sets up a travel partner for USD.

The decision to drop football is more of a head-scratcher to me then is the loss of a very successful wrestling program. I guess I understand why it makes sense financially, though there might have been an opening in the Missouri Valley Football Conference if Youngstown State bolts. Though, as we all know, football in the state of Nebraska not called the Huskers would be very difficult at the Division I level.

For now, what do you guys think?


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