My Favorite Moment of 2010

You all had the chance to read James Cimburek’s favorite moment from this year, and now, here’s mine.

It was Sept. 11 and P&D colleague Justin Rust and I were in Minneapolis to cover the University of South Dakota vs. Minnesota football game at TCF Bank Stadium. We didn’t get to our hotel until 2 a.m. or so, which left us very little time to unwind and get some sleep.

The next morning, after breakfast, we walked across the street to the stadium. (Yeah, our hotel was that close). We eventually made our way inside and found our seats in the expansive and swanky pressbox. Eventually the game started, and well, you all know the rest. The Coyotes won 41-38 and became national news for their upset.

But my favorite moment came after the game. Once I finished at the Minnesota post-game press conference (somehow missing USD’s because we weren’t told there were separate ones….), another area reporter and I wandered around the stadium toward the USD locker room. We eventually tracked down the line of Coyote players making their way up the ramp and out of the stadium. Once this other reporter and I exited the ramp ourselves, we were instantly swarmed by a huge gathering of USD fans — who were waiting for the team. The people were crowded against the rope lines, out by the team buses. Seeing all those expressions, all that excitement, all those USD fans in shock, was something I won’t forget. I don’t think anyone out there, including the players and coaches, quite realized what had happened. And for us reporters, hey, we were just covering a game.

I might have to persuade my bosses to send me to Wisconsin next fall.


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