Championship Picks

Well here they are, my picks for the state title games.

11AA: Sioux Falls Washington, I mean really, does O’Gorman have the offense to keep up? Well, i guess the defense is solid, but I don’t think it’s good enough. Warriors without a doubt.

11A: I will be covering this game. Don’t mean to brag or anything… but I am going to go with Dell Rapids. I know this game was pretty close and a couple big plays were the difference. I think Dell Rapids has the slight edge again. I think they have been the best, most consistent team in 11A and has the right mix of offense and defense for this game.

11B: Flandreau vs. MP. I have been on the Mobridge-Pollock bandwagon all year, and I am going to stick with them. I think they have a better offense than Aberdeen Roncalli, and a better defense to. This could be a lower scoring game than people think because Flandreau’s defense is pretty stout as well.

9AA: This is a game that should have a lot of points scored. Viborg-Hurley can pound it on the ground and the air, and Bridgewater-Ethan/Emery is great on the ground. I don’t know if Viborg-Hurley’s defense is good enough to keep BEE in check, and BEE has a defense that can cause some key stops. BEE it is.

9A: Hanson vs. Harding County. EASILY the toughest opponent Harding County has faced all year, while Hanson faced Avon twice, BEE and Canistota. They will be battle tested and have enough offense to keep Harding County in check just enough. Plus Pierce Smith is a monster. Hanson.

9B: Canistota vs. Hitchcock-Tulare. HT is looking to defend its title and I think Canistota is the best team in 9 man football. I am going to go with Canistota because, well, I am biased.


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