Meierkort Reprimanded

In what amounted to basically a slap on the wrist, USD football coach Ed Meierkort was publicly reprimanded Thursday by the Great West Conference.

Meierkort was apparently very upset with the officiating in Saturday’s 17-13 loss to UC Davis out in California, prompting him to unleash in the post-game press conference. Some of those comments were later published.

The press release featured the following quote from commissioner Ed Grom.

The Great West Conference cannot tolerate the content of the comments made by Coach Meierkort about officiating. Coaches serve as representatives of their teams and their respective universities and clearly cannot conduct themselves in that fashion. I understand that tensions can be high during a highly competitive conference game, but Coach Meierkort violated a league policy regarding negative comments on officials and officiating.

Nothing else will come of the reprimand, other then the fact that I’m sure it was an unneeded, albeit brief, distraction for the Coyotes, who host No. 22 Northern Iowa on Saturday.


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