Week 6 S.D. Football Recap

So, I am going to have to eat some crow, and I am man enough to do that. I have been on the voters for not voting at least once for Wall. Granted I stand by my point, but Wall didn’t help me with a 45-0 loss. Thanks Wall, glad I never sent in an application for that job…..

Anyway, I did love the number that Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan did to previously number one ranked Howard. Wasn’t surprised at all. I thought Howard was overrated all year. You knew I was going to find a way to get back on my high horse haha.

I did got 15-4 in last week’s picks, and I will even say more than a few of those games are easy picks. However, I am glad I am not picking scores to go with it.


#2 (5-1) Sioux Falls Roosevelt 25, 4-2 Brandon Valley 20 – I thought this one would be a blowout, but Brandon Valley kept this one close throughout the entire game. This is the second week in a row SF Roosevelt had to hold off an opponent as well. Granted, they are still winning the game. Plus Brandon Valley keeps getting better week after week, which is the point. Interesting to see where Brandon Valley goes from here.

#3 (6-0) Watertown 29, (3-3) Sioux Falls Lincoln 13 – Watertown is pretty good basically. The Arrows went on the road against a team that was capable of beating them and controlled the game basically, showing the top of the ESD is actually better than what I thought. Is it good enough to beat Sioux Falls Washington? I don’t think so, but yet I see no team beating them. I can see Watertown being good enough to move up a spot though. For Lincoln, the game was definitely set-back, especially at home. The Patriots had the chance to establish themselves, but have to go back to the drawing board on how to beat a quality opponent.

#4 (5-1) Rapid City Stevens 15, (3-3) Pierre 14 – This game was definitely closer than what I thought it would be. I didn’t think a blow out, but Pierre put together a very good showing on the road, making this a moral victory weekend for the Eastern South Dakota Conference. Pierre is a team that is upset material come playoff time. Stevens won the game, but they also lost as their starting quarterback will miss a few weeks after knee surgery. It will be interesting to see how Stevens can bounce back from that. Luckily for Stevens, it seems the defense is still very sound if the offense struggles.


#2 (5-0) Dell Rapids 41, (2-3) Vermillion 6 – This went exactly how I thought it would. Dell Rapids was just far too talented for Vermillion. Not much else to say.

Receiving votes (4-1) St. Thomas More 20, (3-2) Custer 7 – Good win for St. Thomas More after a tough loss to Winner. Custer did show its defense is good, or maybe it’s the Cavaliers offense that needs some work? However, the defense did step up to hold Custer to 7 points.


#1 (5-0) Wagner 7, (3-3) McCook Central-Montrose 0 – Wagner’s defense is downright nasty and it continued against this week, holding MCM scoreless. However, the Red Raiders offense is having some trouble scoring points the last couple of weeks. They are still the top dog, but for how much longer with this offense?

#5 (4-1) Flandreau 21, #2 (4-1) Garretson 0 – Well, I thought this game would come down to who had the better defense, and I went with Flandreau, and they only went on to blank Garretson. Wouldn’t have guessed that. Flandreau’s defense will keep it in a lot of games, which is something that should scare Wagner. For Garretson, they lost a lot of hype because of this game, and now I think the Blue Dragons are out of the championship picture.

(2-3) Milbank 34, #3 (4-1) Redfield/Dolan 28 – It’s been a rough season for Milbank, but at least they got to show Redfield/Dolan is a fraud basically. Milbank went on the road for this win and put up some pretty good points, showing Redfield/Dolan’s defense needs a lot of work yet. This also might be the confidence boost Milbank needs to turn around its season.

(3-2) Dakota Valley 14, (4-1) Elk Point-Jefferson 3 – Dakota Valley picked up a big road win here. The Panthers defense shut down Elk Point-Jefferson, who I haven’t been that high on. The Panthers didn’t score a lot of points, but you don’t need to when you give up just three points. I think this absolutely crushes any chances that EPJ had of getting out of the second round of the playoffs.


#2 (4-1) Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan 34, #1 (3-2) Howard 7 – Howard once again showed why it isn’t number one material, and barely top five material. The Tigers just don’t have the depth they did last year, sorry. Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan bounced back from a tough loss to prove it’s still the team to beat in 9AA since it lost to Hanson, a 9A team.

#3 (4-1) Chester Area 43, (2-3) Alcester-Hudson 6 – Chester Area did what it should’ve here and blew out a lower level team like Alcester-Hudson. I am still waiting for Chester Area to do something big yet….

#5 (4-1) Philip 24, (3-2) White River 20 – I am still waiting for Philip to show me something as I lose faith in the Scotties week after week. I thought this game would be a blow out, but White River put up a fight at home, and Philip squeaks out a victory. Can a panic button be pressed for a ranked 4-1 team?

9B #1 (5-0) Canistota 60, receiving votes (3-2) Gregory 6 – Canistota just romped over Gregory, and my main question would be if Gregory would score. They did. Canistota is the best team in nine-man football still.


#2 (5-0) Sully Buttes 62, (2-3) Northwestern 0 – Sully Buttes with the blowout win at home, which the number two team is supposed to do against a team that is .500 basically.

9B #2 (5-0) Dell Rapids St. Mary 38, #3 (4-1) Castlewood 16 – Dell Rapids St. Mary is revving up for another trip to the Dome. They held strong at home, knocking off a pretty good team. Dell Rapids St. Mary broke out both the offense and defense, and the game wasn’t close basically. It’s a major setback for Castlewood, but there is still a lot of season left, plus this was a 9B team, not a 9A team, and Dell Rapids St. Mary would be a lot of 9A teams.

#T4 (5-0) Harding County 45, (4-1) Wall 0 – So, apparently the blowout win against Philip was a fluke? Whatever the reason, Harding County is once again, the team to beat in 9A from West River. The offense is nasty, and the defense has been just as good. It will be interesting if they can make it to the Dome this year. Wall, sorry, I am definitely off the wagon.

Receiving votes(4-1) Avon 51, (2-3) South Central 6 – Yep, an easy victory for Avon at home again as the Pirates keep getting ready to climb the ladder in 9A. Seriously, the one loss is to Hanson. This team is still for real.

9B receiving votes (4-1) Grant-Deuel 34, (4-1) Wilmot 14 – Grant-Deuel picked up a big road win here, avenging a tough road loss to Waverly-South Shore earlier in the year. Grant-Deuel is building up for a sleeper playoff run. For Wilmot, the offense isn’t that good, which is definitely hurting this team.


#3 (6-0) Hitchcock-Tulare 22, (3-2) Woonsocket/Wessington Springs 16 – This one was probably too close to comfort for Hitchcock-Tulare since this is the first game they haven’t put up big time points. But the defense bailed them out, so the defense was proven once again. However, teams will take note from this game, and how will the defense do against teams better than Woonsocket-Wessington Springs, who does have a good defense though.

#4 (5-0) Waverly-South Shore 30, (3-2) Hamlin 20 – Is it just me, or is Waverly-South Shore slowly making its way through the season a big-time team. This was a pretty good win on the road against Hamlin, with the defense holding up just enough, and the offense putting some pretty good points on the board against a good defense. It will be interesting to follow Waverly-South Shore going forward.


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