S.D. H.S. Football Week 5 Recap

Sorry, I know this is a bit late, and I will go by the rankings from last week. Tomorrow’s Week 6 preview will of course have the latest ranking. I will use this week’s rankings when I have some reaction.

My major point of the week – Can Wall PLEASE get a vote????? What will it take, beating Minnesota?

Not bad last week, as I went 14-4 in picking games last week.


#2 Sioux Falls Roosevelt 17, #3 Rapid City Stevens 10 – It came down to the very end of the game basically. Even though Rapid City Stevens lost, they showed me something by going across the state and losing by only seven, just barely. Both teams’ defense really stepped up in this game since they both have good offenses. This game also showed me that Washington might not run away with the title yet this year. I think these two teams keep getting better each week. I am glad RCS only slipped one spot in the rankings since they are better than Sioux Falls O’Gorman. Watertown passed them up, and RCS won’t face them this year, but the Arrows are 5-0, so the jump up is warranted.

That’s really all from last week for 11AA. There weren’t many games that caught the eye basically. This might be the most boring class in South Dakota High School football.


#1 Sisseton 41, Britton-Hecla 0 – This game went exactly how I thought with Britton-Hecla getting blow out and giving up more than 40 points. This isn’t a knock on Britton-Hecla (2-3), but shows that Sisseton goes on road and puts up 40-some points again. Who will stop this offense?

Winner 28, #3 St. Thomas More 27 – Winner (4-1) got a key win, but still couldn’t jump into the 11B rankings. I thought this game would be close, but I did go with St. Thomas More. Once again this shows that the Cavs aren’t primed to win a title in the Dome. For Winner, this was a tough game they needed at home to show that they can play with the 11B big boys. The defense gave up points, but St. Thomas More has a pretty good offense. The loss was harsh to the Cavs in the rankings, who fell out of the top 5.

Canton jumped past St. Thomas More to fifth in the rankings, which is easy to see since 11A is so tough, one loss can drop you out with the top six teams.


#1 Wagner 9, Bon Homme 0 – Bon Homme’s (3-2) defense is tough still, even without Tad Schuurmans, but the offense is no-existent without him so far. Wagner took advantage of that and came up with a key rivalry road win to stay a top the 11B rankings. Once again, this shows Wagner’s offense isn’t as high-powered as last year, but it’s proving good enough to get the job done since the defense is still pretty good.

#3 Redfield/Dolan 36, Groton Area 10 – Groton Area’s (2-3) three losses are to some pretty good teams now after the loss to Redfield/Dolan, who racked up a big point total once again this year. This game went how it should on past history of the year basically.

#4 Tri-Valley 14, Dakota Valley 7 – I am still confused about Tri-Valley, even after the Mustangs beat Dakota Valley (2-2). The Mustangs defense did a great job on the road, but the Mustangs weren’t able to put many points on the board. However, it was enough to win the game. Still wondering where the 34 against Harrisburg came from…..This loss shows that Dakota Valley could pull an upset in the playoffs. I’m not betting on it, but it’s possible.

Mobridge-Pollock 62, Stanley County 21 – Yes, Mobridge-Pollock (4-1) did give up 21 points, but Stanley County’s (2-3) offense isn’t bad. This game makes Mobridge-Pollock the best receiving votes team in South Dakota maybe. I would take them over Tri-Valley right now. However, everyone is pointing to that insignificant loss to a North Dakota team. This team is primed to make some noise in the playoffs.


9A #5 Hanson 20, #1 Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan 12 – This game didn’t surprise me. I didn’t see Hanson losing two games in a row at home. Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan will still compete for a 9AA title, but Hanson is easily one of the best teams in 9-man football. Like I said in the preview, Hanson has the better defense, and that showed in this game. I am glad BEE only dropped to second in the polls and could regain the spot this week with a solid win. Come on, is anyone sold on Howard over BEE? Hanson is tied for fourth in the 9A rankings, moving up a half of a ranking I guess. Really? Should be more….

Avon 50, #2 Viborg-Hurley 29 – I was going out on a limb obviously. Avon controlled this game from start to finish, especially with the running game. Derek Cihak went off and set the tone for the Pirates, whose demise after the Hanson loss are greatly exaggerated. Avon shows it’s still a power running team and is starting to gel each and every week. Avon still didn’t crack the top five in the poll though. Once again, really? The one loss is to Hanson….Viborg-Hurley, well at least Avon isn’t in 9AA. It’s not back to the drawing board and they still put up 29. This could be troubling deep in the playoffs though. Viborg-Hurley needs a better defense in the playoffs if they want to win the championship, or they will get Dell Rapids St. Mary’ed again. V/H did drop to fourth, which is about right I think.

Wall 32, #3 Philip 20 – I was right, this game wasn’t close. Except I picked Philip. Wall proves they are for real with a big road win and being the first team to hold Philip 30 points under its season low. Im-press-ive. Unfortunately, the voters must think wall isn’t actually in South Dakota, because they are 4-0 and knocked off a ranked team on the road, and they don’t receive ONE VOTE! Am I missing something? Is Wall under some Southern Cal sanctions or something? Please…. I mean, the voters still think a lot of Philip, even though they lost at home, and kept them the fifth-team in 9AA. When did the SDHSAA become the AP Poll with Wall playing Boise State?

9B #T1 Canistota 54, #T5 White Lake-Plankinton – I love Canistota this year. I am all in on them. Unfortunately White Lake-Plankinton (3-2) met its maker and isn’t even receiving a vote this week. Kind of harsh, since Canistota will destroy anything and everything like its Godzilla…..but I can see the point in keeping WLP out of the votes. They got manhandled. I think this shows more about Howard losing to WLP…How are they the top team? The voters are killing me with that too….


#1 Corsica-Stickney 52, Andes Central 16 – Does anyone else feel for Andes Central (2-2) right now? They got crushed two weeks in a row to Avon and then Corsica-Stickney. Andes Central is still a decent team, and Corsica-Stickney will roll over a lot of teams. Not much else to say here.

#3 Castlewood 30, Deubrook Area 22 – Castlewood comes away with a win over a good 2-2 team. However, this is the lowest point total Castlewood has put up this year, but they also kept Deubrook Area to its lowest point total of the year, so kudos there. I am not sold on Castlewood as a top 9A title contender though.

#4 Harding County 53, Faith 0 – Well I said it would be interesting to see how many points Faith would score, and put them under no chance at a title with a big 0 on the board and sitting at 3-1. Thanks for playing. Harding County will continue looking like a scary team in the playoffs, but how far will they go again….

Wilmot 12, Tri-State 7 – So, I can totally see why Wilmot is 4-0 but still only receiving votes. Wilmot escaped with a win here and is looking like an easy second-round play-off win. Tri-State (2-3) scored more points on Wilmot with 7 than they have given up all year. Right now, Wilmot still has a lot to prove.


Okay, a bit of a rant. How does Hitchcock-Tulare drop to third in the 9B rankings after being first and had ANOTHER blow out win, 62-16 I think. I know Canistota is the top dog and I agree with that, but what did Dell Rapids St. Marys do that was better? Yes, they beat Arlington 42-14, but look at the scoreboard from last year’s 9B championship game. Yep, once again voters….WHAT????

#5 Colome 52, South Central 7 – Yep, I was right, Colome cruised to a win here. 9B is crazy tough this year, and South Central (2-2) isn’t one of those tough teams here. If Colome can figure it out against top teams…I am not expecting it though.

Faulkton Area 40, Warner 6 – Completely wrong about this game. Warner (2-2) is no longer receiving votes and its no wonder why. Warner’s defense is way too hot and cold. Faulkton Area (3-2) knows how to put up points against mediocre teams.

Herreid/Shelby Area 38, Gettysburg 30 – I went with Herreid/Shelby Area (5-0), so thanks for winning. However, even though they are receiving votes in 9AA, I need to see more because against better teams than Gettysburg, they will run into a trouble, that’s for sure. Gettysburg (2-2)….thanks for playing. No more votes for you.


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