Press & Dakotan Live Chat For July 28, 2010

For those of you who missed it Wednesday, we had another lively live chat from 3-4 p.m. You are always welcome to join us to talk a little sports.

If you’d like to join us, find us online here.
James D. Cimburek: Welcome to this week’s Press & Dakotan live sports chat. I am your host, James Cimburek. Other P&D staffers will be along shortly, as will KYNT’s Tom Haukap.
Jeremy Hoeck: Hello again, everyone. Let’s continue last week’s momentum, shall we?
James D. Cimburek: For those of you who would like to get the full experience, you can also listen to Tom and I on the “Live Chat Review” on KYNT from 3:45-4.
James D. Cimburek: But if you want your questions answered or comments acknowledged, this is the place.
James D. Cimburek: Amateur baseball is in full post-season swing. State Legion baseball kicked off earlier today. In sports not involving baseballs, the First Dakota Fox Run Open is this weekend, the start of nine days of golf action in Yankton.
Jeremy Hoeck: Many of you who chimed in last week were also lucky enough to have your comments published in James’ column last week. Not sayin’, just sayin’.
James D. Cimburek: We will be posting the review of the live chat on our blog later today. If you want to review it, you can catch it there as well.
James D. Cimburek: For something interesting that involves actual sports, Mount Marty announced yesterday that it will partner with the Easton Foundation to form a competitive archery team.
Comment From GoYotes: Thoughts on USD’s womens bb schedule? I like Creighton on the schedule. Hopefully can be an annual game going forward – both men & womens –
Jeremy Hoeck: Definitely a nice home game for the Coyotes. Coach Ryun Williams said that was the last game he scheduled.  Creighton was looking for a game and was willing to make the trip to Vermillion. And Williams also said it’s “very likely” that it will be a four-year contract with Creighton.
Tom Haukap: I thought that the schedule was good. I think that it has some good games to see how they have developed and some challenging games
James D. Cimburek: I like it. I don’t know if you’ll be able to pull Creighton every year, but I think it’s one worth trying to keep going. I also like the Dec. 18 game with Cal State-Northridge for personal reasons, as I went to Mount Marty with their coach. Speaking of MMC, I don’t like the fact that they won’t be playing the Lancers this year.
Jeremy Hoeck: Interesting to note USD has only one guarantee game (at Kansas), as compared to last year, when the Coyotes made trips to Nebraska and Iowa State. And both were very one-sided.
James D. Cimburek: Not sure who broke that off, USD or MMC. The Coyotes are hosting NAIA Jamestown Nov. 17, so they couldn’t take many more lower level games.
Jeremy Hoeck: I second James’ point about not scheduling Mount Marty. USD could only schedule a certain number of sub-Division I schools, but Upper Iowa, Jamestown and Tabor College. Guess that’s a sign USD is moving along in the transition, more actual Division I home games.
Jeremy Hoeck: Also interesting to note USD will get return games from Cornell and Northern Colorado the following season. And sounds like SIU-Edwardsville will be coming back.
Comment From GoYotes: Would prefer Mount Marty over any of the 3 NAIA’s on the schedule, but am guessing they couldn’t find open dates that matched up. Also disappointed no SDSU game this year.
Tom Haukap: I think that the schedule will fit them very well. I think that the Mount Marty games was one of the bigger crowds at the dome last year for womens basketball tho
Jeremy Hoeck: Non-conference wise, yes.
James D. Cimburek: I expected no SDSU game this year. But they will be in the same league after this school year.
Jeremy Hoeck: Williams said yesterday that the SDSU game last season was basically a one-year deal anyway.
Comment From GoYotes: The Yotes seem to have established some good connections with Cornell.
Jeremy Hoeck: Must be, goyotes. Not quite the caliber of the men’s program out in Ithaca, but still a very solid non-con.
Jeremy Hoeck: And the Minnesota Tournament will be interesting as well. USD will likely face Dayton in the first round, a top 20 team from a year ago.
James D. Cimburek: The Cornell women had a rough season last year, going 7-20. They only won two conference games, both against Penn. They did beat IUPUI by 16.
Jeremy Hoeck: I wonder if the Northern Arizona is a home-and-home deal. Williams didn’t mention them specifically, but I’d almost bet they will.
Comment From GoYotes: Any idea when mens schedule will be available.
Jeremy Hoeck: Probably not for a few weeks. Sounded like there are a few last-minute wrinkles to be ironed out.
Tom Haukap: How much do you think not having an AD for this period allowed the coaches to not make some many guarantee games? That was a question posed to me on the street today.
Jeremy Hoeck: A good portion of it can already be pieced together.
Jeremy Hoeck: Well, most of those were probably already scheduled by the time Joel Nielsen left. But yeah, interesting question.
Jeremy Hoeck: The Coyote men have three big-time games on the road this season, at Nebraska, at Wisconsin and at Marquette.
Tom Haukap: I know that for the coaches they understand the need but as the program develops I think the offers for guaranted games come off the table
Jeremy Hoeck: Honestly though, at least from the thoughts I’ve heard from coaches, guarantee games are mostly done from the top. Not all, but most.
Jeremy Hoeck: I believe the USD men are also at Morehead State this season. To complete that deal.
James D. Cimburek: Northern Arizona is another team that didn’t have a great record last year (5-24), but they have one of the top recruiting classes in the West, headlined by point guard Shakila Boler of Burnsville, Minn.
Jeremy Hoeck: The Coyote men had originally scheduled Dana College for a non-conference game, but of course, Dana’s closing left USD with an opening. Interesting to see who they get in that spot.
Tom Haukap: Dana closing has left a lot of people with open dates they are trying to fill. It would be interesting if they stay with an NAIA school or look somewhere else
James D. Cimburek: The GPAC already did a lot of juggling around to take care of their schedule issues.
Jeremy Hoeck: Probably still go the NAIA route. Maybe they could squeeze in Mount Marty again? Or one of the in-state NAIA’s like Dakota State? Who knows.
James D. Cimburek: Not sure if Mount Marty has an open date.
Comment From The Midnight Viking: How ‘bout those Twins … back to 10 games over .500 with today’s win! Thirteen hits today. They are ripping the cover off the ball.
Comment From GoYotes: Hopefully Sayler’s connections can open up a home and home with a D1 with Yotes getting home in Year 1
Comment From The Midnight Viking: Delmon hit a three-run homer today. I think he has had four games in the last 10 days with three RBI.
Jeremy Hoeck: That’d be ideal, yeah. USD does start a home-and-home with Wyoming in the Dome this season.
James D. Cimburek: Twins haven’t locked it away yet, but they are well on their way. Nothing like some Royals pitching to make those hitting woes go away.
Jeremy Hoeck: Check that, nevermind. USD was in Laramie last season.
Jeremy Hoeck: I was thinking Morehead State.
James D. Cimburek: So, MV, last week we talked a little about what the Twins need to do before the trade deadline. I’ll pose the question to you: Do they need to make a move and, if so, for whom/what?
Comment From The Midnight Viking: Yeah, the Orioles and Royals came along at a nice time for the Twins, but it’s nice to see them win five in a row without Morneau and some of their other regulars.
Jeremy Hoeck: OK, we all know Carl Pavano is in the Cy Young discussion (13-6, 3.21 ERA), but dare I toss out Delmon Young as an MVP candidate?
Tom Haukap: The Royals are not playing well at all right now.
Comment From The Midnight Viking: I actually like the Twins roster pretty well, but if they could trade Wilson Ramos for a strong reliever or Grade A starter, I would be all for it.
Jeremy Hoeck: And why is it that the Twins seem to hit better when Justin Morneau isn’t in the lineup? Anyone remember the second half of last season when Cuddyer was tearing it up? Just curious.
Tom Haukap: Maybe they all feel a little more responsibility without him there
James D. Cimburek: Young is batting .456 since the All-Star break and .531 in the last week. He batted .222 in April, but is over .300 in every month since, and .430 this month. He might be in the discussion, but the HR numbers are a little low.
Comment From GoYotes: Who is the top amatuer baseball team in the Yankton area this year?
Comment From The Midnight Viking: Everyone keeps waiting for Delmon to cool off, but I think he’s for real. He actually started hitting well at the end of last season when they started playing him every day. That’s what he needed.
Jeremy Hoeck: To me, MVP discussions based on home runs are like Cy Young discussions based solely on wins.
Tom Haukap: I think the Tappers have a strong team if they can get the bats going
Tom Haukap: Wynot has a strong team this year in class B
Jeremy Hoeck: Top amateur team in the Yankton area? You could make a strong case for Wynot. Or even Tabor, and Yankton will be a solid Class A contender. Pitching will be the key for the Tappers.
James D. Cimburek: There isn’t that one team that bowls you over in Class B, but I do like Wynot. Tabor is a little stronger offensively, but Wynot is a lot deeper on the mound. With the addition of Jake Rausch and the return to form of Eric Hames, they have a strong nucleus of pitchers that could get them through Championship weekend.
James D. Cimburek: Curious to see what the Tappers do as far as Legion pick-ups. They haven’t played since the Legion season got over, but there are a couple kids that could give them some depth.
Comment From The Midnight Viking: James, a little (or lot) off-topic, but has the Yankton Senior Center e-mailed you the results from last month’s Senior Games here in town? I alwsays enjoy reading those.
James D. Cimburek: Haven’t seen them yet, which is unusual. Usually I get them about 2 weeks after it’s over.
James D. Cimburek: And, actually, that’s not entirely off top. If you asked me about needlepoint, that would be off topic. (And I wouldn’t have a clue what to say.)
Jeremy Hoeck: Let’s not give today’s game to the Twins just yet. They’re in one of their “give-it-away” modes again.
Tom Haukap: What are the thoughts on the first collegiate archery program in South Dakota going to be at Mount Marty?
James D. Cimburek: I.E., Matt Guerrier is in the game.
Comment From The Midnight Viking: Some of those old-timers can still run, jump and throw fairly well
James D. Cimburek: I know. Played one of those older guys last night in softball. He’s a decade older than almost everyone on the team, and he still bats leadoff effectively.
Comment From The Midnight Viking: The archery program is a very good fit for Yankton and MMC. Looking forward to it.
Jeremy Hoeck: To those who’ve been around archery (even for a little bit) in Yankton, yesterday’s decision was definitely a no-brainer. Yankton has some of the top facilities in the country.
James D. Cimburek: I agree, MV. You have some of the best facilities in the nation in your back yard, and an institution that wants to help build collegiate archery as a sanctioned sport.
Jeremy Hoeck: Now, just develop an interest with students, and MMC will be set.
James D. Cimburek: I don’t think that will be a problem. Mount Marty has already incorporated archery as part of its recreation management major.
Jeremy Hoeck: They wouldn’t have done this if they weren’t optimistic, so that’s a good sign.
Tom Haukap: I think that it will excel and they have all the resources. Let them recruit for a couple of years and then we’ll be talking about the archery team
James D. Cimburek: Here is a little on that rec managment major.
James D. Cimburek: Actually, I talked to the executive director of the USCA Program (which governs collegiate archery), and she said that 60 percent of their participants were not archers when they started college.
Tom Haukap: I wonder how that will help them bring potential students into the college because the midwest is loaded with bow hunters and people who enjoy archery
James D. Cimburek: That was one of the things Chuck mentioned in his interview with me yesterday.
Jeremy Hoeck: Definitely. There’s such an age gap between archers it seems. Kids who grow up shooting a bow, then don’t do anything with it. And adults who are avid bowhunters. There’s a generation in there missing out.
James D. Cimburek: The program will not begin competing until 2011-12. Wayne State is also planning to start a club program, and there are talks with USD to start a program as well.
Comment From GoYotes: Should be able to recruit a lot of kids from Watertown.
James D. Cimburek: I think archery and bowhunting are very popular across the Midwest. It shouldn’t be hard to build a base.
Tom Haukap: Well at one time it seemed thier would be a collegiate program in Yankton open to both Mount Marty and USD but those talks were quited and then the Lancers took over.
Jeremy Hoeck: Those talks were quivered, one could say. Bust out the archery cliches, Yankton.
Tom Haukap: we will leave the cliches to you jeremy
Comment From The Midnight Viking: Geez, I’m slow. I just figured out goyotes’ comment.
James D. Cimburek: Happens to all of us, MV.
Any golfers out there this week? I know we are getting close to the First Dakota Fox Run Open and the Hillcrest Pro-Am.
Jeremy Hoeck: When is John Daly making an appearance in Yankton?
James D. Cimburek: Tom brought me into the Live Chat Review with “Band of Gold.” I need to lobby for some Aerosmith.
Comment From The Midnight Viking: Is Travis Stockhom from Springfield still on the Dakota Tour? He always played pretty well at the two Yankton stops.
Comment From GoYotes: Need to beware of any recruits from Broken Bow in Nebraska.
Jeremy Hoeck: Yes, Stockholm has been competing this summer. Followed his group one day at the SD Open Pro-Am over in Vermillion a few weeks ago.
James D. Cimburek: I know Travis played the South Dakota Open in Vermillion earlier this month. I suspect he’ll be back again in Yankton.
Comment From Guest: goyotes is on a ROLL!
Comment From GoYotes: What is your preference for State Amatuer tournament? Cadwell Park in Mitchell or the Birdcage (still called that?) in Sioux Falls?
Comment From Guest: Put some butter on that Coyote
Jeremy Hoeck: Aesthetically, I prefer Sioux Falls, but the atmosphere is much better at Cadwell.
Comment From GoYotes: Like a fly in a bakery.
James D. Cimburek: No question. Cadwell. Even though Sioux Falls Stadium has an air-conditioned pressbox and more reliable wireless.
Comment From Guest: James/Tom … do you have clones, or how the heck do you guys handle live radio and type into live chat at the same time? A couple of multi-tasking pros!
Jeremy Hoeck: Exactly why I said Sioux Falls. South Dakota weather in early August is brutal, I remember sweating like crazy last summer in Mitchell. Just unbelievably hot.
James D. Cimburek: Jeremy types when I’m talking.
Comment From GoYotes: Mitchell – better atmosphere, burgers and onions, and cheaper beer.
Jeremy Hoeck: There’s just a better appreciation for amateur baseball in the Mitchell area, at least in my opinion.
James D. Cimburek: Of course, he types what he wants. I type when I’m not talking.
Jeremy Hoeck: James and I are separated by a glass window during the chat.
James D. Cimburek: I agree with Jeremy on the appreciation of baseball in Mitchell.
Comment From GoYotes: Also the adjacent Drake Field provides a good backup if games missed due to weather.
Jeremy Hoeck: In Mitchell, you have the older spectators who have been coming to tournament games for many, many years. Just don’t see that kind of support in Sioux Falls. And again, I speak from experience.
James D. Cimburek: That is true. Drake is really handy.
Speaking of amateur baseball, Yankton will host the first weekend of the Class A Tournament next weekend.
Tom Haukap: I enjoyed mitchell
Tom Haukap: Things were cheaper there
James D. Cimburek: Next weekend will be a nice test for the Yankton Baseball Association.
Comment From Guest: I think goyotes, Midnight Viking, Jeremy, Justin, James and Tom should start a fantasy football league, so you can (briefly) razz each other about the games each week on Live Chat
Jeremy Hoeck: Fantasy football? Count me out.
Comment From GoYotes: Speaking of amatuer baseball, Keith Cutler of Claremont passed away a couple of weeks ago. He & his 4 sons all a big part of amatuer baseball. Great story on his Sherm, his son, attending a game in Yankee stadium
Tom Haukap: I have the madden effect in fantasy football- That means they will all get hurt early in the season
Comment From Guest: or not
Jeremy Hoeck: When is Tom Haukup going to grace the cover of Madden?
Tom Haukap: You want me out for the season
James D. Cimburek: By the way, Twins won 6-4.
Comment From Guest: See you next week, guys
Jeremy Hoeck: Thanks, guest. You rocked our chat.
Tom Haukap: I’ll be here
James D. Cimburek: Thank you. Thanks to Guest, Midnight Viking, GoYotes, and anybody I missed. We will be here next week at the same time and place, and we hope you are, too.


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