Mount Marty College Launches First Collegiate Archery Program In South Dakota

Mount Marty College Athletic Director, Chuck Iverson, and National Field Archery Foundation Archery Coach, M.J. Rogers, announce the launch of a new U.S. Collegiate Archery (USCA) Program at Mount Marty College this fall. The first one of its kind in South Dakota, the USCA program will offer student-athletes competitive target shooting at a regional and national level. The start-up of this new club program was made possible through a grant from the Easton Sports Development Foundation Grant Program and the National Field Archery Association Foundation.
According to Rogers, Mount Marty College students will form a co-ed team to compete in a collegiate archery division. “Mount Marty will join the ranks of 70-plus other college programs across the U.S.” Student-athletes will train in their own world-class indoor and outdoor training facility at the Easton Yankton Archery Center. “The Yankton training facility is expanding archery development by welcoming the Mount Marty Lancer archery club,” says Rogers. The program will be affiliated with the National Field Archery Association headquartered in Yankton.
The USCA gives college students a chance to learn archery while in college or to continue their archery experience as they graduate from youth archery programs.  Its goal is to support and grow college archery programs across the nation. USCA is open to all full-time college students.  They compete in tournaments throughout the U.S. in the college division.  Each year honors are bestowed on the top athletes, including National Championships, All-Academic Archery Team and All-American recognition. Mount Marty’s program will be affiliated with the National Field Archery Association headquartered in Yankton.
Mount Marty team members will be able to compete in a compound or recurve bow discipline on a regional and national basis dependent on funding and scheduling available. They will also be able to experience local competition as they may compete in amateur level contests. “Student-athletes can enter events held throughout the year at the Yankton Center,” added Rogers.
As a Level IV national coach with Olympic and world event coaching experience under his belt, Rogers brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Mount Marty’s start-up team. Iverson says, “We are extremely fortunate to have access to a world class coach of archery, as well as some of the best facilities in the nation. Having the national headquarters of the NFAA in Yankton, this just seemed like a great opportunity. We are also very grateful of the cooperation of the NFAA, and especially President Bruce Cull, the Easton Foundation, and National Field Archery Association for helping make this possible.” Iverson went on to say,  “And of course, we are very excited about having coach M.J. Rogers lead us in this new venture, not only for his ability to coach the archers, but also his knowledge of the organization, set-up, and the inner workings of starting a new USCA program.”
For the last several years, Mount Marty has offered archery classes as part of a recreation degree program and Rogers says he’s counting on those students to form the nucleus of this first-ever team. “Several students from previous classes are quite accomplished and will really benefit from a full-time program,” he said.
Current and prospective Mount Marty students interested in joining the archery club team should contact Coach M.J. Rogers at the National Field Archery Foundation office, 800 Archery Lane, in Yankton. They may also email or call 605-260-9279 for more information.
The new USCA program is open to all Mount Marty students regardless of experience. Students may be eligible for up to five years as long as they maintain a least 12 credit hours per semester. Entry-level equipment will be available as needed.

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