Final ‘Experts’ Bowl Standings

Here is the final count from our “Experts” bowl predictions. Former P&D staffer and recent University of Nebraska graduate Spencer Lee claimed the title, with former P&D mailroom supervisor Tony Bolita finishing second.

My staff proved I am working them too hard, as none of them finished in the top half, a first since we started doing this. Newbee Royal McGregor took staff honors, getting 17 of 34.

Entrants are listed with the number correct and total points. Points are awarded for correctly picking a game someone else gets wrong. (If no one gets it wrong, you get no points. If 10 people get it wrong, you get 10 points, etc.)

Spencer Lee 22 122
Tony Bolita 21 100
Joe Van Goor 20 93
Tom Haukap 20 93
Steve Imming 19 100
Shauna Marlette 19 85
Heidi Henson 17 115
Dan Springer 17 83
Rich Wright 17 82
Royal McGregor 17 77
Justin Rust 16 74
Jeremy Hoeck 16 58
James D. Cimburek 15 66
Scott Morrison 15 62
Matt Richardson 14 49
Keith Brockberg 13 53

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