Bucks’ Playoff Scenarios

If there was a week you’d really like to see the Yankton Bucks take care of business, this would be the week.

With the final game of the season Thursday, the Bucks sit in 7th place in the AA power points standings with a 4-4 record. The two teams behind them also have 4-4 records, meaning one of the current 4-4 teams will be playing on the road on Tuesday.

The Bucks travel to Brookings (2-6), typically a tough game no matter what the records are. The other two 4-4’s, Rapid City Stevens and Sioux Falls Lincoln, have in-town rivalry games, Stevens against Rapid City Central (3-5) and Lincoln against Roosevelt (5-3).

It is possible that the Bucks could move into 6th with a win and a Roosevelt loss, but the group of teams they could face wouldn’t change. There is a pack of three teams seeded between 10th and 12th, with a lot of room on either side of them. Brookings is 10th, followed by R.C. Central and Watertown (3-5). All  three would be rematches, and each matchup would be held at Crane-Youngworth.

If the Bucks fall and slip to 9th, it would likely mean a trip to Rapid City Stevens.

Scott Morrison’s game preview of the Bucks-Bobcats contest will be in Thursday’s Press & Dakotan.


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