TGIF Linkage 10/16

First, a quick dip into the self-promotion pool: Here’s the link to my appearance on Will Holden’s (Bozeman Daily Chronicle) Montana State podcast on Thursday.

— — — —

** One of the videos Ben included in the first broadcast was this local YouTube video. It’s called “I LOVE HILLCREST,” played to the Asher Roth song “I Love College” but about Hillcrest Golf & Country Club in Yankton. My favorite part? Pat Kramer at the 2:26 mark. HAHAHAHA

** Former USD women’s basketball standouts Jenna and Jeana Hoffman are gearing up to play for the Rock County (Ill.) Robins semi-pro women’s basketball team.

** An online slideshow by Life magazine proves that soccer players just might be the best actors on the planet.

** Watch this video, follow along with the instructions and prepare to have your mind BLOWN. (I’ve tried it 3 times….)

** Check out the Top 10 Flops of the Decade.

** Let’s Auto-Tune the news, shall we?

— — — —

TGIF Recommended Tune

Came across this song by MGMT, a musical duo based out of Brooklyn. Here’s “Electric Feel.” FYI, this isn’t the actual music video, but just one that allows people to embed. Enjoy.


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