UPDATED: TGIF Linkage 05/15

A few quick modifications: First, that video of the umpire fans was removed by YouTube, which is too bad, because it was hilarious. Second, in its place, I’ve included a TGIF Recommended Tune.


— — — —

** All signs point to the University of North Dakota losing its Fighting Sioux nickname by this Oct. 1, according to a decision handed down Thursday by the N.D. State Board of Higher Education.

** How are UND players reacting to the news?

** Delaware State forfeited a conference football game with North Carolina A&T so it could get a $500K payday for playing at the University of Michigan.

** Speaking of football, Sioux Falls native (and Roosevelt grad! Represent!) Preston Evans rips it up at the North Dakota State spring game.

** Retrojunk.com is your home for old TV show theme songs. Among other things.

** Students at Texas A&M put together a pretty cool video of them making amazing trick basketball shots. Has kind of an MTV Jackass meets Harlem Globetrotters feel.

— — — —

TGIF Recommended Tune

On the season finale of Saturday Night Live, Green Day performed one of its new songs “Know Your Enemy.” And here it is. Definitely another political statement by the group.


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