TGIF Linkage 04/17

Yay for warm weather, eh?

** The biggest area news of the week was easily USD’s admission into The Summit League. I’ve already shared my thoughts on the move (scroll down this site), but you can read various stories about it here and here and here.

** Word is, Stephen A. Smith has six weeks left at ESPN. That’s step one, ESPN. Step two would be Rick Reilly.

** Florida high school baseball player throws THREE STRAIGHT no-hitters.

** The news that former Dukie Greg Paulus may become the quarterback for the Michigan football program is just weird. I mean, it’s…just crazy.

** And now, a very important PSA from The Office.

— — — —

TGIF Recommended Tune

So, last Saturday on the way to Sioux City for a quick shopping trip, I popped in some old mix CD’s that I found in my apartment. One of the songs I forgot I had was “Got My Mind Set On You” by George Harrison.

The thing I remember most about the song is the music video. I can remember seeing it as a kid and thinking how weird it was. And as I watch it now, it’s almost weirder. Take a look for yourself.


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