TGIF Linkage 04/03

This has got to be the best sports time of the year: NCAA Final Four, Baseball Opening Day, NBA playoffs about to start. Speaking of the NCAA Tournament, I’m rooting for Villanova. (Only because I’ve got ZERO teams remaining in my P&D bracket).

Anyway, on with the linkage.

** In case you didn’t read about it earlier in the week, former Yankton High School basketball standout Tate Pesicka has transferred from USD to Dakota Wesleyan. Pesicka will have three years of eligibility at the GPAC school. And as if those Mount Marty/DWU games didn’t already have energy…

** A pair of USD basketball recruits picked up postseason honors. Womens’ recruit McKayla Knudson was named first-team All-State in Nebraska. And mens’ recruit Dustin Tetzlaff was named S.D. Class AA Player of the Year.

** It was a rough day for the Kentucky State baseball team on Wednesday against Eastern Kentucky. The final score? 49-1. And the second game of the doubleheader? Canceled.

** Speaking of baseball, I’ll post this Cincinnati Reds link because I know someone who just happens to be a fan. Here you go, JC

** Only the Pittsburgh Pirates could lose to a school called Manatee Community College. (FYI, I’m sort of a Pirates fan….)

** Scrubs Air Band, anyone?

— — — —

TGIF Recommended Tune

In the past week, I’ve heard more people say they like this song then I ever expected. And because it’s been stuck in my head, here’s “Gives You Hell” by the All-American Rejects. It’s a pretty catchy tune, I must say. Enjoy.


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