NCAA Bracket Standings, Final 4 Edition

With three of their four Final Four picks headed to Detroit, Heidi Henson and Mike Keitges have pulled into a tie for the top spot in the Press & Dakotan’s “Experts” bracket showdown, each with 1,010 points.

Henson, a former champion, has the edge, with both her title game picks in the running and her runner-up, Villanova, in common with Keitges.

Matt Richardson is third with 930 points, but will not score another point. Culhane Communication’s Joe Van Goor is the wild card, as his pick of Michigan State to win it all could vault him ahead of all three. Spencer Lee (840), the former P&D staffer turned free-lance writer and UNL student, could also take the title if UNC beats Michigan State in the final.

The rest of the standings include Tony Bolita (820), Jeremy Hoeck (790*), Shauna Marlette (770*), Steve Imming (750), Brady Donovin (750*), me (730), Vance Janak (710*), Scott Morrison (680*) and Justin Rust (640*). The “*” means that they cannot score another point.


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