TGI(S) Linkage 03/28

I had the list all ready to go yesterday, but just got busy with some work stuff. Anyway, here’s the goodness.

** First, congrats to Yankton native Andrea Walsh and the Minnesota State-Mankato women’s basketball team. The Mavericks put on quite a display in winning the Division II championship on Friday night. For the record, Walsh had three points and four assists.

** Not only is yours truly on Twitter, so is David Lias of the Vermillion Plain Talk. Check him out right here.

** How money is LeBron James? Check out this video where he casually sinks an under-handed halfcourt shot on 60 Minutes.

** And in my opinion, Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader does a highly underrated impression of Dateline’s Keith Morrison.

** A high school basketball team in Illinois wore the same uniforms the whole season without issue. Then, in the state tournament, some high school activities official complained. The team was assessed a technical foul and ended up losing by one point. Um, what?

** Need (more) proof that ESPN is a complete joke? Check out this image and tell me why Curt Schilling might be a bit peeved.

— — — —

TGIF Recommended Tune

So, the other night (actually at 1 a.m.), I was watching Billy Madison on TV. And remember the song that plays over the credits at the end of the movie? It’s “The Stroke” by Billy Squier. And here it is.


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