How Is Your Bracket?

If you are like a good portion of America, you spent at least part of the past four days around a television — or a computer or at a game — watching the “Madness” unfold with the NCAA Tournament.

Like many people, I saw a lot of my “teams” take a dive this first weekend. In fact, according to, 88 percent of the country has better brackets than the one I put in the paper. (I blame it on spending the last month focused on high school basketball.

My assistant, Jeremy Hoeck, leads the way with 550 points (27 right in the first round, 14 in the second). Matt Richardson, who didn’t get his bracket turned in for the paper but got it punched in online, and Heidi Henson are each sitting at 530. Tony Bolita is at 500, with things falling off from there.

I am at 410 (21 of 32, 10 of 16), but can make up ground quickly if my Elite 8 goes according to plan. Plus, the person in front of me, KYNT’s own Brady Donovin, has already lost his champion, Wake Forest, so there is hope that I can avoid finishing in the cellar for the first time since we started this.

Of the 14 people entered, 12 have their entire Final Four intact and 13 have their champion. Three people each have UNC, Memphis and Pitt. Two have Louisville, and one each for UConn and Michigan State.

Speaking of the excitement of March, how about those SDSU Women? All they did Sunday night was tie the NCAA Tournament record for three-pointers in a game (16) in a 90-55 rout of Texas Christian. Next is Baylor, an 8:30 p.m. start on Tuesday.


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