TGIF Linkage 02/20

** Patrick Reusse of the Star Tribune pens a TGIF-recommended column about Southwest Minnesota State men’s basketball standout Ross DeMasi. Highlight: The Mustangs are 22-5 yet do not boast a player averaging in double figures. Balanced, much?

** Ever wonder what the Mount Rushmore faces do when nobody’s looking? Well, wonder no more.

** Ken Griffey Jr. is back in Seattle. The world makes sense again.

** The Phoenix Suns of three and four years ago are back. With a new coach and a new mindset, the Suns have scored 140 and 142 points this week. (Oh, and they’ve also allowed 100 and 119).

** As Conan O’Brien celebrates his final week at NBC’s Late Night, here’s a video that shows the host at his finest. Back in 2005, he joined a Central Park bird-watching group. My favorite part is him up in a tree, imitating birds.

** columnist Kieran Darcy pens a first-hand account of the nation’s worst sports college in America, according to a Princeton Review poll. It’s Eugene Lang College in New York, and no, I hadn’t heard of it either.

** All incoming NFL rookies have to take the Wonderlic exam, a 50-quest test of general knowledge. Alex Smith of the 49ers got a 45, while Matt Leinart scored a 35. See how well you can do by taking a short version of this test.

** FYI, Cole Hamels appears on the Feb. 23 issue of Sports Illustrated.

** One of my favorite web series, The Guild, now has its own Web site, where you can watch new episodes.

— — —

TGIF Recommended Tune

This week, I tracked down “A Lifetime” by Better Than Ezra, a group whose most well-known song is probably “Good.” Still, I think this one is pretty cool.


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