TGIF Linkage 02/13

FYI, this week has a distinctly sports feel.

** Apparently, Bud Selig feels the need to call columnists to whine. Monday, it was Patrick Reusse of the Star Tribune.

** Hey Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin, what’s a good sign that you’re not off to a good start? Columnists calling for your firing. Before you’ve even coached a game. Ouch.

** Mo Williams must have really wanted to prove he’s an All-Star.

** Adam Dunn, a career .247 hitter, has signed a two-year, $20 million deal with the Washington Nationals. If you figure Dunn struck out 164 times in 2008, the Nats’ are paying him $60, 975 per strikeout a season.

** I’ve always been a Roy Oswalt fan. But even more now.

** Some highlights from the 2009 Baseball Prospectus projections: Cleveland Indians will win the AL Central (White Sox last) and somehow the Philadelphia Phillies are supposed to finish third in the NL East. What?

** In a poll, 190 NBA players were asked who they would want taking the last shot with a game on the line. Guess who they overwhelmingly selected? Hint: It’s not BronBron.

— — — —

TGIF Recommended Tune

Here’s “When Did Your Heart Go Missing” by Rooney. This isn’t a new song, but I think it’s well worth a listen. The music video is a little too “boy-bandy” for me, but the song is where the goods are.


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