TGIF Linkage 01/09

The big sports news of the week has been The Summit League announcing plans to visit Vermillion later this month, obviously a good first step toward USD being granted admission.

(I’ll have more on this in a forthcoming blog entry).

For now, check out what advice Fargo Forum reporter Jeff Kolpack had to offer USD in advance of the Jan. 20-21 visit.

REMINDER: I’ll have a live blog of tomorrow (Saturday) night’s USD men’s basketball game with William Penn.

** The San Luis (Calif.) Obispo Tribune is reporting that Cal Poly is expected to name former Army offensive coordinator Tim Walsh as its new head coach.

** Hey Brett Favre, save us the drama. For the seventh time. Retire.

** Is Florida QB Tim Tebow the greatest college football player of all time?

** Western Washington, a brief member of the old North Central Conference, has decided to drop its Division II football program. The school cited increased travel costs and “lack of geographically close opponents.”

** By now, you’ve read that Boston College fired its head football coach, Jeff Jagodzinski, after he interviewed with the New York Jets. The athletic director can shed all the tears he wants, but this move is absolutely ridiculous.

** In one of the best stories I’ve seen in a long time, a 67-year-old Wisconsin man apparently had been stealing natural gas. FOR 32 YEARS. That’s damn impressive. Not that I condone it or anything.

** Get ready to laugh. Here are the 20 Funniest Will Ferrell Moments Ever.

— — — —

TGIF Recommended Tune

Here’s “I Don’t Care” from Fall Out Boy. The song hasn’t been out that long, but it’s already been on a number of ESPN game broadcasts, as well as a few commercials. And it’s pretty damn catchy.


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