Leave Humor To The Comedians

For some people, it’s best not to make attempts at humor, especially if your job is to be serious or if there is no fun in the situation, no matter how you look at it.

Sunday’s postgame on the latest of 15 straight Detroit Lions losses is a perfect example.

Rob Parker, the Lions columnist for the Detroit News, asked Lions head coach Rod Marinelli if he’d wished his daughter had married a better defensive coordinator.

Whether you’re 0-15 or 15-0, I can’t see where that question could be considered “humorous” or “light-hearted.” Marinelli, though, handled it as he’s handed this whole train wreck of a season, with class. Parker later tried to explain himself in his Monday column.

I have been in situations where I have had to interview coaches who have seen there teams struggle, though covering a struggling NAIA or high school coach is completely different, in my opinion, than covering a struggling pro or major college coach. First off, the coaches we at the Press & Dakotan cover are there to help make good people, not just good athletes. If you’d ask any of the coaches we cover if they would rather have kids be a success at their level or a success in life, the overwhelming majority would say they would rather see they kids they work with be successes in life.

But regardless of the approach or the level, I cannot see a scenario where asking a coach if he’d wished his daughter would have married a better coach would be considered acceptable.

Now that I’ve given my opinion, I want to know what you think.


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