TGIF Linkage 12/05

** I’m wearing my Missouri shirt today to not only support the Tigers in tomorrow’s Big 12 title game, but also in protest of the BCS. Oklahoma has no business playing for the championship, based on one simple fact: THE SOONERS LOST TO TEXAS. End of story. But some morons, like Jeffrey Martin, try to defend Oklahoma. Gag me. Go Tigers!

** A few weeks ago, I mentioned that ESPN had a camera crew at the Northern State-Mount Marty College men’s basketball game in Aberdeen. It was the first home game of the season for NSU coach Don Meyer since his near-fatal injury (and subsequent battle with cancer) earlier this year. Well, it turns out ESPN’s Buster Olney was in Aberdeen for that game, along with two later ones, to cover the Meyer story. And the Aberdeen American News caught up with the national reporter in this story right here.

** Although you’ve probably never heard of him, David Holston of Chicago State may just be one of the best men’s college basketball players in the country. The senior guard is second in the nation in scoring (27.7), but is hidden at Division I Chicago State — a school with no conference, zero television exposure and a tiny fan base. writer Kyle Whelliston has the story. And FYI, Chicago State joins the Great West Conference next season, as does the University of South Dakota.

** Back to schools you’ve likely heard of, what about the Concordia University-St. Paul volleyball program? Head coach Brady Starkey, 39, has turned a program that went 9-32 in its first Division II season into a favorite to win a second-straight national championship. From the Star Tribune.

** Quick reminder: Minnesota-Duluth faces California (Pa.) in tomorrow’s Division II football national semifinal. Big ups for the Bulldogs.

** For future NFL games shown in 3-D, here’s a tip: Less Al Davis, more cheerleaders.

** Seriously, a primetime ABC show about the Department of Homeland Security?

** On the other hand, this commercial featuring Big 10 hoops coaches is pretty cool.

** Guy from France recreates Mario Kart in real life, with a real car, on real streets, with real outfits. Check it out here.

— — — —

TGIF Recommended Tune Video

In lieu of a regular song, we’ve got a YouTube video I’ve been meaning to put up for a long time. Former USD player Desmond Allison was featured in the old George Michael Sports Machine TV show a few years ago. A camera crew came to Vermillion, made this video and gave us all a laugh. Seriously, does Vermillion have hay fields?


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