State Volleyball, Day 1

Here is a couple of things from the S.D. State Volleyball Tournament:

  • As I was covering the Wagner-Winner match in Class A, one of the Winner coaches looked familiar to me. After the match I found out why. Head coach Jaime (Schuyler) Keiser started her collegiate career at MMC, later transfering to the University of Sioux Falls. I hadn’t seen her since she completed her career there, so it was no surprise my brain didn’t figure it out right away.
  • The Rapid City Central fans not only rolled across the street — Central is located across the street from the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center — but rolled out of bed for their opening round match with Aberdeen Central. About 30 of the Cobbler faithful came to the match dressed in their pajamas.
  • The South Dakota Volleyball Coaches Association will be starting its Hall of Fame with four inductions this weekend, including former Viborg head coach Connie Nyhaug. I hope to catch her for a column/blog for Saturday’s paper.
  • I am sharing a hotel with what I believe is the entire city of Chester. Other than a few retirees playing “Mexican Rummy” in the lobby this morning, every person I’ve seen in the hotel has been sporting the Flyer red & white.

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