TGIF Linkage 11/14

** Before last night’s Class 9AA state football championship game, my P&D colleagues Justin Rust, Scott Morrison and I were chatting along the sideline. And off to our left, the Mitchell Daily Republic duo of Matt Bunke and Luke Hagen were doing the same. I remember thinking how cool that scene must have been. Here were 5 young guys together, covering a major state event. It’s pretty cool to think how the new age of sports journalism has tended to become younger and younger with time, partly I think because of the rise of technology. OK, that was sappy, I realize.

But on to the linkage.

** Just some quick semi-breaking news. USD head women’s basketball coach Ryun Williams said today that sophomore Amber Hegge (native of Crofton, Neb.) will in fact redshirt this season. Williams broke the news on Sports Weekly, a Friday afternoon student-run radio show on 91.1 FM. Hegge will sit out this season so that she will have three years of eligibility remaining for the Coyote women in the early stages of the Division I transition. Also, a quick self-promotion reminder, you can catch me every week on Sports Weekly at 12:30 p.m. with your hosts Justin Rust and Drew Quandt.

** This has to be The.Greatest.List.Ever.

** As a long-time JFK assassination history buff, I found this latest scientific test interesting. I was once a massive conspiracy theorist, but I’ve wised up over the last few years. But still, watch the Zapruder film carefully and tell me the president’s head isn’t moving violently backward, with a flash in the front. Somewhere Oliver Stone is nodding.

** An NBA fight during a game that featured Ron Artest doesn’t feature Ron Artest. Intrigued? Check out the video below.

** Remember how I said Shepard Smith was the only reason to ever watch Fox News? Well, this video is the exact reason why.

— — —

TGIF Recommended Tune

This week, we’ve got “Rise Above This” from Seether.


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