P&D Football Picks

Because James and I won’t have a video previewing the South Dakota and Nebraska high school football playoffs, we thought we’d share our picks on the blog. Nebraska picks will be given tomorrow.

The two of us are tied at 59-25 in South Dakota, while James holds a narrow one-game lead (81-31 vs. 80-32) in Nebraska.

We’ll discuss the S.D. champions and Neb. semifinal winners in our weekly Sports Monday video on Nov. 17.

James’ S.D. Picks

** Hanson (11-0) vs. Hitchcock-Tulare (11-0) — Hanson

** Gettysburg (9-2) vs. Avon (10-1) — Avon

** Ipswich (11-0) vs. Marion/Hurley (9-2) — Marion/Hurley

** Tri-Valley (10-1) vs. Groton Area (9-2) — Tri-Valley

** Winner (10-1) vs. Dell Rapids (9-2) — Dell Rapids

** S.F. Washington (11-1) vs. S.F. Lincoln (10-2) — S.F. Lincoln

Jeremy’s S.D. Picks

** Hanson

** Avon

** Ipswich

** Tri-Valley

** Winner

** Sioux Falls Washington (wait, Roosevelt didn’t make it?)


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