TGIF Linkage 11/07

It’s been a very interesting week, to say the least. I’ve put like 400 miles on my car traveling to such exotic locales as Lesterville, Alexandria, Laurel (Neb.) and Crofton (Neb.). Of course, Tuesday night was ultra exciting around the newsroom, as we had people crowding around the TV for the election coverage.

But let’s get to it.

** Here’s a thought: What would an all-athlete Barack Obama cabinet look like?

** Remember how the joke on Memphis last year was that it couldn’t make free throws? And how it cost them in the title game? Well, apparently no such problems for 73-year-old Ken Mink, who scored two points in a college basketball game this week. Amazing.

** Man, Ryan Leaf just can’t do anything right. The former NFL bust has spent the last three years as quarterbacks coach at West Texas A&M — which beat USD last season. And he had to resign his position after his latest eff-up.

** If you’re bored at work today, maybe you could try this.

** Somewhere Chuck Todd of MSNBC is drooling over this collection of election maps.

** Family Guy with yet another great political jab. Check it out.

** If you’re a fan of sports movies like I am, you see plenty of nominees for this list. Here are the top 16 Sports Movie Villains of All Time. What about the dog from The Sandlot?

— — —

TGIF Recommended Weekly Tune (two installments this week)

OK, I’m not ashamed to say I like this song. It might be the Harold & Kumar fan inside me. God I hope that’s the case. Whenever this song would come on the radio and I’d start singing, my ex girlfriend would always tell me her mom likes the song. That would always shut me right the hell up.

And the pride of Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School shines with this great tune. This group is The Spill Canvas, and they were just getting started when I graduated from Roosevelt. And since then, dudes have blown up and are now known across the country. You can check out their Web site right here.


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