Couple Of Random Thoughts

  • Both Barack Obama and John McCain said the country needs to unite to improve the country over the next four years. After a very divisive election, hopefully about 300 million people in America take that message to heart.
  • Harrisburg is my new favorite football stadium. harrisburg783Between the large grandstand, the field turf and the GREAT lighting, it was a great atmosphere for football, even if our local team lost. I can see this facility in the running to be a co-host of the state track meet in the near future.
  • The South Dakota State women’s basketball team got a vote in the AP preseason poll. One singular vote, but there could be a lot more before season’s end. Speaking of the Jackrabbits, Ketty Cornemann scored 11 points as SDSU rolled past Minnesota-Crookston in an exhibition contest Tuesday.
  • I have been blessed to have a lot of talented individuals to grace my sports staff over the years, including a current staff member at Newsday, Michael Amon, and a lot of great young people who have gone on and shared their talents in various fields. I can now list a state representative on that list. Nick Moser, who worked at the Press & Dakotan while in high school, was voted into the second of two house seats in South Dakota’s District 18. He is a great young man and a good friend, and I wish him all the best.
  • I don’t suppose we can keep the weather from the past few days for one more day? Just a selfish thought of someone who will be out to three football games today (Wednesday). We’ll have writers and a photographer/videographer (me) at the Chadron-Crofton game, the Aquinas-Laurel Concord game and the Plainview-Cedar Catholic game. You’ll be able to find the photos on Spotted, as well as the video as part of a playoff special. You can see some of the first-round clips in Monday’s football special.

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