Signing In…

Is it just me, or are there some people who wish this blog to not just be about the sports side and/or the triumphant adventures of Cole Hamels?

(I’m kidding, sports side! Please don’t shun me.)

Anyway, hello there! My name is Mike Keitges, and I serve as the Press & Dakotan‘s primary news page designer. I also occasionally write stories for the newspaper. I’ve been in Yankton now for more than a year and honestly have enjoyed most, if not all, my time here so far. Yankton is the right size of town for me at this point in my life, as it’s not too large yet I can pretty much get anything I need or want here.

I hopefully will post entries here at a decent rate and I will try to write about work, newspapers and the state of journalism overall.

A lot of work each night goes into developing a daily newspaper. Choices concerning the importance/relevance of stories, good focus, lack of bias, lack of pointless “white noise” stories, available (but often limited) national art and within all of that — the lack of any space to put all we want to put in each edition!

It can be a challenge day in and day out! But when I have discussions with others about the future of the newspaper business, I’m still excited about print media’s needed transformation in the future. Even at 26 and someone who really does embrace the digital age, I like newspapers and think they still can play a needed role in the media.

I’m looking forward to writing more and more, as well as slipping in something fun into the staff blog every so often!


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