TGIF Linkage 10/10

So, did anybody watch Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update Thursday last night? They opened with a parody of Tuesday’s presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. And for as hard as I thought it would be to portray those guys, SNL has done an amazing job. And former cast member Chris Parnell did a spot on Tom Brokaw.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

** Former University of South Dakota running back Stefan Logan is apparently having a helluva year up in the Canadian Football League (CFL). Playing for the BC Lions, Logan has rushed for 700 yards while also catching 40 passes for 348 yards and two touchdowns. And his team (9-5) has already wrapped up a playoff berth. And oh, by the way, he’s also up for an All-Star berth and is the leading candidate for Rookie of the Year.

** On Tuesday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune published a Q&A with Eastview, Minn., native Sam Mehr, who is headed to the University of South Dakota to play basketball.

** You wonder why BCS teams hate playing at Fresno State? Check out the video below and tell me that doesn’t stink of home cooking. Plus, Hawaii was penalized 10 times and Fresno State 0 times. Zero penalties. Thankfully, the Warriors got out of there with a win. Still, the call in this video is complete horse crap.

** A year after Wyoming head coach Joe Glenn gave Utah coach Kyle Whittingham the finger during a game after Utah went for an onside kick with a 43-0 lead, both say they’ve patched things up. Glenn — who by the way is a University of South Dakota coach alum and former coach — had guaranteed victory against Utah earlier in the week. Here’s a video about last year’s game.

** Let me get this straight. Luke Walton has a stalker? Seriously?

— — —

Links To Giggle At

** OK, so, remember the MacGruber skits on Saturday Night Live from last season? I’ve been looking all over for a certain one, and last night I finally it. So, check it out right here (the second skit is the one I’m talking about). Hopefully you find it tight.


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