Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment

I thought I’d dabble in politics for this entry. So bear with me.

Quick backstory: On Sunday, my parents and my grandparents drove down from Sioux Falls to visit, have lunch and to get a quick tour of where I work. And as is usually the case with my right-leaning grandparents, we started talking about politics and the upcoming presidential election. I asked my grandma point-blank, “What do you think of Sarah Palin?”

Her response?

“I love her. She brings so much energy and experience to the Republican ticket … she has such an interesting background.”

Politically speaking, for the first time, I agree with my grandma. Sarah Palin does have an “interesting” background. So interesting, in fact, that she probably shouldn’t be calling out Barack Obama on his past.

My man Keith Olbermann rips Palin a new one in his special comment from “Countdown” last night. Check it.


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