TGIF Linkage 10/03

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** What have we learned so far from the Major League Baseball playoffs? Here’s what I’ve noticed. Cole Hamels = True Ace. CC Sabathia = Overworked. Javier Vasquez = Worthless. Evan Longoria = Clutch. Cubs = Worried. Jason Bay = Former Pirate.

** A quick thought on last night’s Vice Presidential Debate (which I DVR’d): Personally, I don’t want a VP who says “gonna” and “wanna” and “gettin” and “you betcha.” I’m all for having a leader who seems like an average person, but this is ridiculous. And for the record, I’d also like a VP who can name at least one other Supreme Court decision. Just one. Call me crazy.

** OK back to sports. Can Brigham Young University — better known as BYU — actually win the national championship this season? It may sound like a silly question, but as Chris Dufresne of the LA Times writes, don’t laugh too long.

** An open letter to Steve Bartman. Remember him?

** Speaking of baseball, below is a video from CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman who introduces us to Zach Hample, a man who claims to have nabbed 3,000 baseball at MLB games. Watch the video and catch my two cents below.

OK, this was a really interesting piece, especially hearing Hample’s strategies to getting a ball. But let’s be honest, isn’t he the type of fan we all hate? How many times have you been sitting at a game and seen some moron chasing down little kids for a foul ball? Any time there’s a ball popped foul back in the seats, he’s running around like a maniac, thinking he has a shot. Rant over.

** A quick update on Yankton native Colton Iverson, now a freshman on the University of Minnesota men’s basketball team. On Wednesday, the Gophers took part in their first NCAA-allotted two-hour weekly practice session. And Myron Medcalf of the Star Tribune was on hand and had the following to say about Iverson:

“The thing you notice about Colton Iverson right away is his size. Whenever you read a preseason magazine or a media guide, it’s usually OK to knock one or two inches off a players’ “listed” height. But Iverson is definitely 6-11. He’s very physical. And for that reason alone, he should get a significant amount of playing time this season.”

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Links To Giggle At

** What if Sarah Palin had a Facebook page? Would you add her?

** Isn’t it sad when animated ducks have a better grasp on this nation’s fiscal future then our own government? Need proof? Check out this Duck Tales YouTube video.

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TGIF Recommended Tune (a new weekly feature on this blog)

“Love and Memories” by OAR


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