TGIF Linkage 09/26

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** John Henderson of the Denver Post has been in Tallahassee, Fla., for a few days now, in advance of Saturday’s Colorado-Florida State college football game. Remember the days when the Seminoles were actually competitive? Ahh, those were the days. And Henderson uses that once-great tradition to skewer FSU coach Bobby Bowden like perhaps no one ever has (or should have).

** Let me get this straight, members of the Seattle Mariners actually wanted to hurt or “go after” their best player, Ichiro Suzuki? So reports the Seattle Times on Thursday. What were they planning to do, kill him? Break one of his knees? Seriously, the guy is the best hitter in baseball and literally the ONLY reason why the Mariners are relevant anymore and you wanted to “knock him out”?

** By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the video of Oakland Raiders executive John Herrera confronting San Jose Mercury News columnist Tim Kawakami after a Monday press conference. The video, which you can check out here, has already made the rounds on ESPN and sites across the nation. In front of other reporters, cameras and microphones, Herrera calls Kawakami a “liar” and makes other offensive remarks to Kawakami about a recent column he penned. OK, seriously, what the hell is going on in Raider Nation? Coach Lane Kiffin’s job has been hanging in the balance for about two weeks now, thanks to deranged owner Al Davis and his ridiculous ways. You know why the Raiders will never contend in the AFC? A-L D-A-V-I-S.

** Who says all golfers have to look like John Daly? Some can look like Natalie Gulbis. See, that was my clever way of bringing up Gulbis, who is reportedly planned to be a contestant on the second season (that’s 2 too many in my book) of Celebrity Apprentice. Now I might actually watch.

Videos To Giggle At

** OH MY GOD, THIS TRUCK IS DRIVING BACKWARDS! Or is it? Check out this video of a women calling 911 because she actually believes the semi in front of her is driving in reverse. Ummm, ma’am, get a clue.

** Ain’t nothing scarier than a giant motionless bear, especially one that jumps out and scares you. But some people get their revenge in hilarious ways. Check out the video.

* Did anybody else watch Letterman on Wednesday night? Senator John McCain was originally scheduled to appear, but then he suspended his campaign and informed the host he wouldn’t be appearing. Apparently, he was on his way back to Washington. And when Letterman finds out it was a lie, dude went OFF. Check out the video right here


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