USD vs. Culver-Stockton live blog 09/20

Admittedly, yours truly was running a few minutes late to today’s game, but we’re up and running inside the DakotaDome. And thanks to some wonderful technical difficulties, the new live blog session is upcoming.

Quick score update: The Coyotes of USD are up 14-0.

Stick with me, as we document the game.

So, apparently that link doesn’t work. Not sure what the problem is. I’m working on it though.

But for the time being, I’ll keep updated here on what’s going on.

USD quarterback Noah Shepard found Dan Skelly for a 10-yard touchdown. That was the second 2nd TD catch for Skelly, who has gotten much media love this week. Features in the P&D, The Volante and Argus Leader.

It’s 21-0 USD, and the Coyotes have the ball following another Culver-Stockton punt.

Yeah, this game is going as planned so far. The Coyotes just got a 10-yard touchdown run from Isaac Newton, to take a 28-0 lead with 9:44 to go in the first half.

Following yet another Culver-Stockton punt — their third of the game — USD takes over on offense. It looks like Shepard and back-up Dante Warren are alternating possessions, as Shepard is back in for this drive.

I’ve got to say, the atmosphere is definitely one for a potential blowout. Students across the way are sitting down, the crowd below us here is ultra quiet, and even the game speed has really slowed down.

USD just shanked a field goal, which was WAY wide left.

Mick Garry of the Argus and I were just talking about USD’s reliance on tailbacks. And we both agree that the Coyotes don’t really have anybody spectacular this year, at least to the level of Logan or Allen. That’s no knock on Matt Lee, Chris Ganious or Isaac Newton, but it’s probably a big reason why USD has taken to the air so much this year. But you know, we could be wrong. One of those three guys could just go off one week and look amazing.

Geez, no offense to Culver-Stockton, but this is just way too easy for the Coyotes. Shepard runs for a 22-yard touchdown run, the second scoring run by a USD quarterback today. And it’s now 35-0.

And for the sake of my frustrations and sanity, I’ve given up on the CoverItLive blog format. I have some kinks to work out there, and I’ll have that ready for the next live blog. Or maybe even a live chat. Whaddya think of that idea?

Culver-Stockton is moving the ball as I type this. A few ugly plays, but quarterback Dustin Jacoby just completed an 11-yard pass for a first down. And here he scampers forward for a few yards. After a completion, the Wildcats get 15 extra yards after a horse-collar tackle by USD’s Joel Gentile. Yet, on the next play, Jacoby is sandwiched in the backfield for a sack. Culver-Stockton faces a 2nd & 13 on the USD 34.

USD has the ball now with 51 seconds left in the half. And Shepard is in the game at QB. After a false start penalty (seriously? this place is dead quiet), Shepard finds Skelly for a 56-yard pitch and catch. USD is at the 5 yardline with 24 seconds to go. That was Skelly’s third catch of the game, for 127 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Geez, what a crazy play. Shepard takes the snap, rolls back, is pressured by three Culver-Stockton defenders, has his legs literally grabbed onto, won’t go down, pumps like three times and fires a pass to Skelly in the end zone for a touchdown. 42-0 Coyotes.

At least the crowd was fired up for something today. Not much else to get excited about when your team is up 42 love with still 30 minutes to play.

So, at the half, it’s USD 42, Culver-Stockton 0. Back with more in a bit.

Quickie halftime stats: USD already has 494 yards of total offense, with C-S at 107. Noah Shepard is 8-of-12 for 180 yards and three touches. Believe it or not, but the leading rusher for USD is backup QB Dante Warren with 90 yards. The second-leading rusher? Shepard with 78. Skelly has caught four passes for 137 yards and three touchdowns. The one hiccup for the Yotes was a first quarter fumble.

— — —

And, to compound an already ugly start, Culver-Stockton fumbles the second-half kickoff, giving USD the ball at around the 19 yard line. Warren starts the half for the Coyotes at QB. Three plays later, Matt Lee is in for a 1-yard touchdown. Wow.

USD leads 49-0.

Thanks to my handy binoculars, I see on the USD sideline that Shepard and Skelly are both helmet-less and standing side-by-side taking in the game. Wonder if that means both are done for the day, having already connected on three touchdowns. By the way, that’s a scary duo. Like the days of Beschorner-Gearman.

The Coyotes have the ball. And it looks like the No. 2 offense is runnin’ the show. Newton carries the ball 25 yards to the 4 yard line. Another red zone chance for USD. And wow, another touchdown. Dion Foster runs in basically untouched. The score is now 56-0 USD, with still 10:29 to go in the third quarter.

A look at the stats shows that USD has gotten rushing touchdowns from five different guys. The Coyotes have rolled up 568 yards of total offense and are nearing the all-time USD record, which is upwards of 700-something. Stathead Dan Genzler — after all, we’re inside the GenzlerDome — is on the prowl for the number.

Former hoops starter Dustin Little catches a pass from Warren and scoots 41 yards for yet another first down, USD’s 23rd of the game. And with little effort, Warren runs untouched for a 14-yard touchdown. The score is now 63-0 USD.

This should be an interesting game to write about later tonight.

Culver-Stockton has the ball, with back-up QB Justin Gumm in the game. And he subsequently does nothing, as the Wildcats go 3 & Out. It’s punt city, baby!

And for the first time today, USD has to punt. Tim Stanek has had an easy day until now. And of course, a Culver-Stockton player needs has the ball land on his head. Man, that would have been ULTRA embarrassing. Why do I like that word so much today?

Surprisingly, for the first time, the Wildcats turn the ball over. A fumble is recovered by USD’s Joel Gentile, and the Coyotes took over with third-string QB Jake Breske in the game. After one running play, we’ve reached the end of the third quarter. USD leads 63-0.

— — —

Another slow-moving series for USD. Stanek is in to punt again. Culver-Stockton takes over with 13:16 to go. On 2nd & 13, Bloomfield, Neb., native Adam Broders intercepts a pass, the second turnover by the Wildcats today. A few plays later, Breske runs in for a 6-yard touchdown. Hey, at least someone touched him that time. It’s 70-0 Coyotes.

USD has gotten rushing touchdowns from six different players now. And USD hasn’t scored 70 points since the 2005 season opener when the Coyotes dropped 77 on Minnesota-Crookston.

Culver-Stockton has the ball and is threatening to score. Back-up QB Gumm just connected for something like a 40-yard pass play down the right sideline. Didn’t catch who caught it. If anything, the Wildcats will at least get a field goal attempt in today. Part of me hopes C-S does score here.

And that’s exactly what they did. Oliver Turner catches an 11-yard pass from Gumm, bringing the score to 70-7.

Word from above (read: Dan Genzler) is that this is the second-highest yardage output in school history. And something like the second-highest in all of Division I this season. Might have to get confirmation on that.

And with under a minute to go, Quincy Christie returns the kick-off 54 yards. And the Coyotes will take two knees and take the 70-7 win.

That’s it, folks. A blowout win for USD. I’ll be back later tonight for an extended look.


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